Medusa Gorgona Photography


Medusa Gorgona: I am photographer inspired by fairy tales and Pre-Raphaelite paintings. I love create dark whimsical romantic pictures with textured look, dominated by strong colors. 

My goal is find a speck of magic in every woman and turn it to bonfire to light a beautiful vessel of human body from within. 


“Wind among the Blooms”
Cool and cold day with Gemma, when we shop for dresses to shoot and shoot each other in my garden. I love Gemma retouching style, so pre-raphaelite.
Photographer Gemma Wyrd – model & photographer
Model Medusa Gorgona Model
Studio Medusa’s Garden Studio
— with Maria Mirage.

Artienne: What was the first modelling or photography? How long are you interested in photography? What was the first impulse?

Maria: Difficult to separate what was first as I started taking pictures when I was a teenager, and it was all kind of pictures cloud in the sky, feral cats in old houses, macro of flowers, landscapes, friends, really everything. So photography was not a separate form of art for me then but way of capturing memory of my reality. For example I had a long period when I was very interested in body art. It started to making patterns on the papers, back side of copybooks, later on patterns creep in from papers to my palms and arms and or thighs. (What you comfortably can reach with pen). I was doing body art with everything  ink-pen, markers, iodine, other antiseptics, eye shadows, lipsticks later on with theater makeup set, and everywhere city, camping trips, sports camp..

So I literally “apply” my vision on me and to other. When I became member of local photo club I model more just because I am female as I was helping my other photographer friends. But I really became interested in modelling when my camera broke and I was in kind of  zone when you don’t want to buy the same camera, but don’t have money on much better one. In one year I made more than 20 shoots. It taught me a lot about modelling, photography, people and life, it brought me a lot of joy, excitements and disappointments. I never forget this year when only way I could express myself artistically it actually being a model. I don’t believe you have to always use proper tools, the motivation and desire is more important. I think important things was I wanted to create something which did not exist before.


Photo taken by Riitta Toro Photography
Model & MakeUp & Stylist Medusa Gorgona Model
— with Maria Mirage and Riitta Toro.




Artienne: What is your greatest success when it comes to modelling? Do you think the modeling is dangerous for women? Is it hard work for you?

What is your secret to look fresh and beautiful?

Maria: My greatest success as model were find another photographer/model ladies Gemma and Lillian. We had many photo session when in one day  we were shooting each other. It show that the vision is everything. You can shoot in the same place, in the same costume, but person who holding camera and moving on front of camera create new reality every time.

Modelling definitely provide dangers to women. Anyone who considering modelling should consider the risks and take all necessary precausions. I myself were lucky and did not have any really bad cases, but even despite taking all precautions I have a few unpleasant encountering. As well models have to grow very thick skin and be confident as you may see very unflattering picture of yourself.


“Taste the Winter” Winter Fairytale series. Cold and Blue calling in winter short days we all want to add some sparkling beautiful magic to our lives.

Styling & Photography Medusa Gorgona Photography
Studio & Costumes Medusa’s Garden Studio
Model Natasha Felix
Makeup Monique Giamattei Makeup Artist



Artienne: You are fascinated by fairy tales, Pre-Raphaelian paintings, Gothic, Victorian, heathens (Wicca) and nature themes. Why this kind of influences? Are you also inspired by musicians playing this kind of music or poem written by heathen souls?


Maria: I think it all come to root that I always loved imaginary worlds. As kid I read tremendous amount of fairy tales, not just fairy tales your mother would tell you, but go to school and find all possible fairy tales, Africans, Persians, Japanese, Nordic. As soon as I grow up enough to have interest in science fiction I gorge myself in reading that sometime a few books at the time. My parents have huge library of science fictions and classical literature, I could just stretch my arm and chose new reality for a few days. Later on I start reading a lot of mythology and fantasy. I not just liking these genres I like to investigate it, like read myths and fairy tales from different cultures and different periods to see how humanity change and its vision to  imaginary things change with it. Morality, geopolitics, believes, aesthetics are all stored in myths and fairy tales as much as in scientific papers and just waiting for us to be explore, to be descripted.

Range of my styles are dictated I love to find beauty and love it to be magical so nature, fairy tale and pre-raphaelite is a core. I do venture in other styles like Victorian and Gothic as I love the looks but as well it is much easy to hold on on right costumes. I am not limited to that if I could have kimono, mermaid or native American costume or Egyptian queen outfit I would create pictures out of it too. I am actually looking for it right now. I guess I have very eclectic taste as well I don’t feel I am binded to some time frame or place in human history. I want to explore it all, but they way too much to explore in one human life time. So I start with the  esthetical pleasing to me and more easy to obtain.


Photographer & Stylist Medusa Gorgona Photography
Model & Makeup Elladora
Assistance Isabella Barter
Rings & Headpiece Medusa’s Craft
Wig Gothic Lolita Wigs



Artienne: “My goal is find a speak of magic in every woman and turn it to bonfire to light a beautiful vessel of human body from within. “

Can you find the magic in every human being?

Watching your pictures I noticed that your main models are mostly women?  Why?


Maria: I do believe there is magic in every human, it just too many of of us get use to shot it down along with imagination and daring to dreams. Yes, I do mostly photographed woman. Apart of believing the female beauty should be celebrated as it such temporary and fragile things, and I want to empower women by showing them how beautiful they are there is a lot of personal in it. In my life I mostly live and work amongst men. I grow up as tom-boy wearing jeans and snickers, liking chess, shooting and preferring Lego to dolls. I am software engineer, I embrace logic and science as well, however women are quite rare in engineering. So whole day I spend with men, I married and have son as well so I spend my evenings with men too 🙂 I even got female cat to keep some balance in life. As well I wear a lot of skirt to remind me who I am. so photographing women is my way to connecting to female side of life more. May be my time to play dolls finally come to me ? I started collecting pretty dolls for my project couples of years ago.



“Last autumn bloom” from “Autumn fairytales”

Photography Medusa Gorgona Photography
Videography Richard-Wakefield Photography
Model Jessica Megan
Studio & Costumes Medusa’s Garden Studio
Wig Gothic Lolita Wigs



Artienne: Can you tell us more about the genesis of name “Medusa Gorgona”? Why did you choose this name? What is special about “Greek Medusa”?

Maria: The name of my page was my nick name in photography for a long time, started as combination of my love to myth with a joke.

Apart just I love myths about Medusa and love symbols of snakes, I have certain compassion to the personage as she was punished for being beautiful and turned to a monster which is quite often scenario happening in Greek myths as it expressed believes of very patriarchal society. Joke related some of my friend commented once I looked at someone who was trying to chat me like I wanted to turn them to stone like Medusa. However I plan to stop using these name, and proceed with Maria Mirage as it more described who I am and what I do. I create beautiful mirages.


Harvest fairy” from “Autumn fairytale” series,

Photographer Medusa Gorgona Photography
MUA Anna Fullbrook – Makeup Artist
Studio & “Magical forest” Medusa’s Garden Studio (my back garden)
Wig Gothic Lolita Wigs


Artienne: Your wardrobe is full of beautiful dresses, crowns, headpieces, nails, dolls etc. How looks like the process of creating such a costume? Are you fashion designer? What props are you taking to your garden for photo session? Where you are buying all these things like: chalices, bowls, cups, artificial leaves and flowers? Did you visit special shops and car-boots?

Maria: I wish I could be fashion designer, but I am not good in drawing so I never proceed to study design or fashion. However I have feel for beautiful things. Most part of my dresses and props were bought by me in all kind of places: car boots, charity shops, e-bay. I love to think I give them new beautiful life. I always adore big headpieces and flower crowns and I though “Oh you needed to be craftsman and an artist to create it” but step by step I overcome my fear, and start just putting things together with wire, glue gun, pins, by stitching. As I am trading in illusions my dresses or headpieces do not have to be fully real. They have to only look real in a moment of shoot. I literally assemble the outfit sometime using different parts, adding fabrics, belts, etc.


Classical fairy tale couple ! Both are such fantastic models
Photography Medusa Gorgona Photography
Model & Retouching Gemma Wyrd – model & photographer
Model Luca
Studio Medusa’s Garden Studio





Artienne: If Photography is an art of illusion so how to bring dream to reality?

Any tips, advice for photographers or models?

Maria: Dream big, go to your dream step by step, repeat and try again, never give up no matter what people say or how long it take you.


“Unlock autumn dream sadness” from “Autumn

Photography Medusa Gorgona Photography
Videography Richard-Wakefield Photography
Model Jessica Megan
Studio & Costumes Medusa’s Garden Studio



Artienne: How it looks process of your post-work? When I watch some of your photos like: Dark and Goth Vampires,”Raven Mistress”  “The melancholy of Arwen” , I noticed that you were using very strong colors.Do you like a strong contrast?

Maria: I think there are three main thing I do in post processing to move it closer to painting.

– Intensify main color and darken/discolored the edges of picture

– Add more light, contrast, sharpen to main object to emphasize it

– Apply textures


Photography Medusa Gorgona Photography
Model Simone Clare Stocks
Studio & Costume Medusa’s Garden Studio
Wig Gothic Lolita Wigs


Artienne: You cooperate with many artists, models and photographers. What did you learn from others?

Maria: Let go of your ego, do not judge people before you work with them. I met brilliant but an confident people and overconfident people who was just full of themselves and complain about other endlessly.


Photography Medusa Gorgona Photography
Model Simone Clare Stocks
Studio & Costume Medusa’s Garden Studio
Wig Gothic Lolita Wigs

Artienne: Once you have written about photo-sessions underwater. Did you realize your dream? What would you like to achieve future? What are your dreams?

Maria: Not yet – still working on it. I want it so much it make my heart beat faster right now when I even think of it. I love floating long dresses, long hair, contrast of flesh with fabrics.. For me just being underwater already magical as it change colors, movements, it play with our sense of gravity. There are so many ideas I want to do ! But I needed to be patient.



Tempting beautiful “Raven Mistress” from Halloween inspired series. Magical powers embodied in enticing daughter of the night.

Photography Medusa Gorgona Photography
Model Natasha Felix
MUA Anna Fullbrook – Makeup Artist
Behind the scene video Fudge Tiger
Assistance & Video Nataliya Ilieva
Wig Gothic Lolita Wigs
Studio & Costumes Medusa’s Garden Studio

Emma and Jordi

3d world, Artist Illustrator, Interviews, Modeling 3d

Today we will visit Spain, lovely country where many of us were there because of holidays, good gigs and fantastic medieval festivals. Emma and Jordi are lovely married couple, who had deal with digital art, modeling in 3d world and photography. They both have amazing experience and very good education which helps them realize their dreams. Jordi is 3d modeler, photographer who made content for Poser and Daz Studio. He is sponsor of 3d Creative magazine and 2d Artist magazine. Emma, his wife is Digital Artist specialized in Fantasy, Sci-fir illustrations. She is also blogger, had many interesting exhibition in Spain and other countries.  More information about their activity you can find in this interview 🙂


Digital painting by Emma Alvarez



Artienne: Hei Emma and Jordi! What were your first steps when it comes to modeling and digital art?

Emma and Jordi: We married very young and by that time we had bad paid jobs and dreamed with having a better job some day. As Jordi was very good with computers and he programmed since a child, we thought that a good way of getting what we wanted was doing video games. We did an amateur one, an arcade, and one day, looking for information in the public library we found a book about online virtual reality. For some time we were very immersed in VR trying to make a business of it. We created 32 virtual worlds to chat in 3D and lots of avatars, an artificial intelligence bot that spoke to people online, and a server to share events. But we never got any sponsor or public aids to start our business. When we were thinking in make our mortgage bigger to get the money, Second Life appeared. Many of the small virtual worlds businesses started to close, so we didn’t dare, and we didn’t started ours.
During that time, Emma started to do illustration works and exhibitions, and Jordi started to do technical documentation for virtual worlds software. One day Emma discovered a place called Renderosity where she started to sell Photoshop brushes. Months later Jordi started to model in 3D for his Renderosity store. In that time we had 2 independent accounts as vendors. We started to adapt our skills from virtual worlds to Poser/Daz Studio, and did the same kind of 3D projects we were used too: characters, scenery, poses, clothing, jewelry, hair… And when Emma reached the Top Sellers, to be able to send products to Prime there was the requisite that we had to be both top sellers, so the old products we shared couldn’t be sent to Prime. So we merged our stores with the brand we use today, EmmaAndJordi.


Artienne: You both have an excellent education in the field of graphic design, digital painting and photography. How looks the educational system in Spain. Is the school, can prepare people to the profession or you need to have a look for more additional courses?

Emma and Jordi: For many years we worked and studied at the same time. Emma is graphics designer and Jordi studied photography in one of the most important schools of Barcelona, and also has a Master in virtual reality, and in marketing, although it is Emma who always dealt the marketing in our stores, as Emma’s father was an important business man and always told her notions of marketing, sales, and business strategies. But for what we actually do as 3D content creators there is no official studies. We learned lots of things during all this time, and that gave us very varied skills that now in this job make sense together.


Product “Violin Soul” designed by Emma and Jordi


 Personal Transporter by Emma and Jordi


Artienne: What are the basic steps of your work in modeling and digital painting? Where it all begins and how it is transformed in the final result? What makes your work in the greatest difficulty? What are you working the longest? How looks your cooperation? Can you tell us more about product Violin Soul?

EmmaAndJordi’s works have two parts: the artistic part and the technical part. The artistic part is made by Emma: concept, texturing, materials, the shape of characters, the makeups, poses, expressions, promo work, thumbnails, etc. Jordi is the modeler, does the hair and clothing shape, rigging, morphing, shaders, scripting, technical work, and the artistic part of modeling. We collaborate all the time, so some designs are of we both, so most of the time this is mixed. We work in two desktops with different computers in the same room, and are working together all the time.
About Violin Soul: we like heavy metal, rock, Gothic rock, fantasy movies, vampire books… all this has a aesthetic and culture we show in our products. Actually the 3D products are a reflection of their creators, of their interests and how they see the world.

Artienne: What programs you use in your work? Do you use programs such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, After Effects,Sketch up, MS Paint or Softimage DS? What do you think about 3ds max? I heard opinion that 3d max can not give very high quality and you need to buy more expensive tools like “RenderDriver”.
What is your attitude to the plugins. Some artists claims that plugins are unnecessary because 3ds max is a very good program. Do you were using plugin from Blur Studio, Brazil, Meshtools, FreeHand tools, Character Studio, Stich, morph-o-matic or matterwaves?

Emma and Jordi: We mainly use Zbrush and Silo, Photoshop, Freehand, and a ton of smaller programs that allow us to save time to shorten the production time while keeping a high quality. Zbrush is the most powerful application to model in 3D in an artistic way and is essential for many parts of our work. But our Zbrush is very customized and adapted to the way we work. At the beginning it is not very friendly but it allows a lot of customization. We know many people don’t like it because they didn’t adapt the application to themselves but we did and now use it for most of our work, except for things that require very low poly work or very precise adjustments.
About 3D Studio Max, Jordi used it in a very old version when we began but then used others as Hexagon, or Shade. When it comes to 3D modeling applications, there is not one better than the other, each person finds one or the other better because it fits their way of working or thinking more, or has tools that they find better. Our advice is always to have some knowledge of the most popular ones, and find the one that fits best with their way of working.


Character: EJ Adora designed by Emma and Jordi

Artienne: “Rosalia”, Agatha, Luvia, Adora, Graciana, Estella , Rita  are some of your best products.When you create a model of people. What you use for the reference? , Photographs with real models or your own imagination? Do you use the technique of “photogrammetry”in your work? How looks your work on skin texture? Did you create your own texture or rather buy from other artist, vendor?

Emma and Jordi: Our characters are very detailed and have a lot of skin work. For them we use high resolution photos, but not from an only source. We use many different photographies in a same character. We don’t use resources. At the beginning we did it, but now we prefer to make them from several photo stock images we buy.


Character: EJ Rosalia designed by Emma and Jordi

 Artienne: Emma -On your blog, you mention often artists such as Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Is only these artist had the greatest influence on your digital painting?

Emma and Jordi: Absolutely! And Ken Kelly. When I was a child I was absorbed looking at Frank Frazetta’s illustrations. I used to look at disc covers of rock bands. When I saw Steve Vai’s disc cover “Love and Warfare” I decided that I wanted to become an illustrator.


Digital painting by Emma Alvarez

Title:  The Unicorn Under The Moon

Artienne: I really like your artwork“Spring in the Golden Garden””the Dreamer Mermaid”and The Unicorn under the Moon”.  Is it a mixed media, photo-manipulation or digital painting? I understand that your artwork, images were printed on canvas? Have you thought about the release of the book with your digital painting ?

Emma and Jordi: All my illustration works are mixed media. They combine many different techniques to get the result I want. At the beginning when I did the exhibitions, I printed it in paper, but the matt crystal was very expensive, and the glossy one gave problems with reflections and light. So in an exhibition I tried to print it in canvas, and liked the result so much that I started to print in canvas, and my “Justice” illustration in canvas visited 36 exhibition rooms. In my web page they can be bought printed in canvas.
I have my web page very outdated, I have to find time for that. Yes it has always been in my mind to make a book with all my illustrations. I sometimes write and thought in mixing tales with my illustrations. I will do it some day.


Digital painting by Emma Alvarez,

Title: Spring in the Golden Garden

Artienne: You participated as illustrator with 5 books. Can you tell a little bit about your experience as book illustrator?

Emma and Jordi: The experience of watching your work in a book is wonderful. My father was a business man of book publishing. Since I was a child I saw books and dreamed with being part of them and not only editing. But everybody expected that I was a book editor as my father. Watching my illustration in a book was achieve a dream of my childhood. In addition, one of the books was a selection of sci-fi works made by the ex-Marvel UK editor, John Freeman, and another had Ken Kelly as judge. Those two books are very special for me because they are not only important professionally but also at an emotional level. I chose the artistic part and although it has been a long and hard path I finally can say I got it to be my profession.

Artienne: Emma you had many of exhibitions and conferences in different places in Spain and other countries? Which one was your best exhibition and conference? Jordi also has deals with photography. Did you have any exhibitions together? What were your greatest achievements in this field?

Emma and Jordi: My favorite exhibition was in Barcelona, in the Dali museum in a dedicated room for a collective exhibition. As Dali is one of my favorite painters it was a blast to have one of my works close to his paintings. My favorite conference was about digital art. Many people who didn’t know about it was amazed with the topic, the room was full, with people standing because the chairs were full, and the public was very warm and nice.
We have exhibited together, Emma with a painting and Jordi with a photography in Taza (Morocco). The exhibition appeared in the news of the public television and it was great.

Artienne:  Jordi you are making contest for Poser and Daz Studio! What this mean? Can you say more about it? What are you working now?

Emma and Jordi: Not in this moment but we have it in our thoughts.


Artienne: Any plans for the future?

Emma and Jordi: Our plans is to keep on giving the best of us in our products. And in the personal side we are thinking in moving from our city and go to a new and exciting place where we can continue developing our creativity. We always thought that home is where the heart is.


Product “Temple Guardian” designed by Emma and Jordi














Magic world by Shiba Shake- interview with 3d Artist

3d world, Artist Illustrator, Interviews


Shiba Shake –  3d Artist who doesn’t like to talk a lots about him self but he makes fantastic illustrations. His magic world is rich with different kind of creatures, elves, mermaid, dragons, vampires, demons and etc. Every render is like a beautiful story, fairy tale full of life and treasures of nature.

Artienne: When I saw your oldest works as “The queen of summer and winter”, “Elf Knight”, “Coffee by Moonlight”, “Saucy Red Devil”or “Moment of Peace”, I had the impression that you have good knowledge about Photoshop.  Did you do digital art before you found Renderosity? Do you have an education as a graphic designer or rather you are the type of self-taught?

Shiba Shake: No, I do not have any formal art education.Before Daz Studio, I had an old Wacom tablet that I used with Photoshop to draw and paint. It was a very good way for me to relax after work.  🙂


Artienne: When I watch your images like “Medieval Tavern girl”, “Mermaids Fantasy Moon” or “Read head”,  I wonder what type of character did you use? Is this the Victoria 7 plus a combination of different morphs or something else? What is your favorite character from Daz Studio and Renderosity?

Shiba Shake: For those images, I used a combination of Eva 7 and Victoria 7. I really love both those figures and they are still my favorite. Recently, I got FWSA Freckles from Renderosity, and I super love her too. For male figures, my current favorite is FWSA Liam from Daz3D. I guess it is pretty obvious that I am a big fan of Fred Winkler and Sabby.  🙂


Artienne: I read that you had deal with the art when you were 5 year old and you won the first Art contest. Do you have more similar achievements with traditional painting? 

Shiba Shake: Haha, no. I think that was more of a fluke than anything. My Daz Studio images are a lot better than any of my traditional or digitally painted pictures.


Artienne: I know that you are fascinated by dragons and often these mythical figures we find on your lovely illustrations like “The lovers”, “Where Dragons Dwell”, “Lady of Winter”, “Cowboy and Dragons” or “Dragon Lord”. Which kind of dragons do you like?  Do you have favorite artists of the fantasy genre?

Shiba Shake: I love all kinds of dragons, little ones, big ones, Eastern, Western, cute, and bad-ass. One of my big favorites is DA Black Dragon from Daz. All those spikes and scales are just so fierce! My top two favorite artists are Royo and Vallejo.


Artienne: You are the artist who is working about two years for Daz Studio. What does it mean for you this job? Is this the grim duty of doing everyday promotional render or rather something like a new challenge?

Shiba Shake: Haha, that is very flattering, but I do not work for Daz. I love Daz Studio though, purely for fun and as a hobby. It is relaxing, interesting, and I enjoy every minute of it. Plus I get a wonderful feeling of accomplishment after I finish a picture. I think 3D-Art would be a great thing to have in schools. It trains both the right and left sides of the brain.


Artienne : Hahaha one artist gave me wrong information about you, but I am glad  that you made things clear about it. You have two blogs, which means that you like to write about your experience.  Have you thought about making a video tutorials ?

Shiba Shake: I have thought about it, but I am much more comfortable with writing. 


Artienne: Many young artists would like to make a good renders. Is it better to do first background, set the lights and then add the character or all scene and after add cameras and lights? Any advice?

Shiba Shake: I think every artist develops their own style and it depends a lot on what we are most passionate about. I love figures, so that is my main focus. I usually start out with my main figure(s) and then build everything else around them.


Artienne: What you think about Octane? Is this program can reduce the rendering time?

Shiba Shake: I have never tried Octane although I have seen some great renders from people who use it. Brian Sains (Sainsy) has some great Octane artwork and the way he does human skin is wonderfully realistic. He is also totally awesome, and has written some great Octane tutorials on my website.


a-girl-and-her-pony_fullArtienne: I know that you are a lover of dogs and you made a very nice calendar with them … I know that your pseudo Shiba Shake comes from name one of your dogs. Can you tell us what is in the SPECIAL about Husky and Shiba Inu? Which kind of personality they have? 

Shiba Shake: Dogs are totally magical! I currently live with two Huskies and one Shiba. Shiba Sephy is stubborn and chock full of confidence. He is usually up to no good! J Husky Shania is happy and full of vim. She is curious about everything and lives life to the fullest. Husky Lara is the youngest and she is more gentle and shy. After she gets to know someone though, she is very affectionate and loves to do play-boxing.


Artienne: What can you say about your activity on the portal Patreon? Let’s say some new artists would like to become your “patrons”. What you have to offer them? What advice do you have for people who just joined there recently?

Shiba Shake: Actually, I have recently suspended my Patreon. At the moment, I have too much going on and don’t have the proper time to devote to it. I did it for about a year though, and it was a great experience. I met some totally wonderful people there.



Artienne: Which is your the best render and why?

Shiba Shake: Heh, I am not usually a very good judge of that. Usually I like my recent images best. My current favorite is probably Vampire Love on my Daz Gallery. It is romantic and I had great fun playing around with lights and colors.


Artienne: Any plans for the future?

Shiba Shake: I would like to do more on my art website We currently have a fun monthly contest with DazGC for prizes. What other events would you be interested in? What discussions would you like to have with vendors? What types of articles or tutorials would you like to see? Suggestions and ideas are very welcome. I am on Facebook and DeviantArt too. 🙂 






















Dark Fantasy Illustrator – interview with Silvana Massa.

Artist Illustrator, Drawings, Interviews


Silvana Massa is fantastic Dark Fantasy illustrator from Chile. She made great album covers for
bands like Graveland, Myrkur, Melankolia, Verminaard, Ironwood, Poltergeist,Dream Ocean, Haegen, Doom of Valyria and many others. I like her dark vision and admire her desire for making different kind of art. She is doing photography, wood crafting, oil, acrylic and digital paintings etc.

Artienne: You define your art-work as Dark Fantasy, Pagan Art. What has the greatest impact on your creativity? Metal Music, nature or pagan beliefs?

Silvana: Nature definitely is one of my biggest inspirations , also metal music… music in general, does not necessarily have to be always metal, I like to draw with some nice background music, it can be classical music as well. It depends a bit of what I have to paint.

Another big inspiration are movies and books.


Artienne: You wrote under one of your picture that “you are obsessed with Forest”I have to admit, your pictures, photo manipulation and painting often shows a forest with a very dark texture. What programs do you use for photo-manipulation and editing? Do you use also Photoshop brushes for digital painting?

Silvana: I love forest, mountains and their special energy.
I use Photoshop for photo manipulations and digital paintings, sometimes I work with PaintStorm Studio which is a very nice software. I like to create my own brushes, filters, textures, also we can find many great
graphic resources on internet.


Saltus Obscurus.jpg

Artienne: One of your paintings has title “ You are not alone” and you said that it is very special to you. Why this picture is very important to you? Which kind of message is there?

Silvana: That’s a bit personal 😉 it’s related to someone very important to me.


Artienne: Can you tell us more about technique matte paintings which you sometimes used? Do you have any favorite artists who inspire you?

Silvana: Matte painting is an old visual technique where artists had to paint outstanding background to create the perfect environment for films, now with the new technology is easier to make it on a computer.  I would have to mention many good artists from past decades until now,  Albert Whitlock came to my mind right now.


Artienne: You made great albums-covers for bands like Graveland, Myrkur, Melankolia, Verminaard, Ironwood, Poltergeist,Dream Ocean, Haegen, Doom of Valyria. How long does it take you to do this type of the cover ? Did you decide on choosing a theme or another artist asks you to paint his vision.

Silvanna: Thank you, some of them are artworks for a single, it depends of what the band needs, usually they come with an idea and together we developed that vision, we see what can and can not do.

A cover with many details  takes a lot of time, it can be weeks, months, years 🙂 , just kidding.



Artienne: Do you like to work with clay and wood? I think you had one unfinished project called “Sculptured Face and also you made some amulets like Mjolnir?

Silvana: I like very much, beside an illustrator I’m are artisan, I have many stuff I’ve never shown on social media pages,  I sell part of my crafts in my country, Chile.
I like to make sculptures, oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry, pottery, etc. I’m always looking for something new to do.


Artienne: What do you think about artists such Freya Aswynn or Andrea Haugen?

Silvana: I know them but there is not much I can say, I usually don’t talk about other artist works.


Artienne: In your offer there are canvas, pillows, Wall tapestries,bags, mugs with your graphics, painting? How popular are your products? Can you say more about it?

Silvana: All are made by a company that is the one that creates all those products, I  only have to upload my illustrations and they do the rest. There are many other illustrators who prefer this way to sell their works. My products are not so popular because I’m a bit lazy with the promotion of my own stuff…. I admit it , but anyway they are well sold. and that’s good to me.


Artienne: Could you please share a few words about your latest video you made with your Artwork.


Silvana: It’s the only one video I made for promotion last year 2015, I thought it could be a good way to show my work. This video is featuring Arath’s music, from one of the best album I’ve heard, they were so kindly to allow me to use one of their songs.
I’m thinking to make a new video probably next year.


Artienne: How do you envision death and what do you believe happens to our souls?

Silvana: To be honest, It’s not something I think about much.


 Artienne: Any plans for the future? Any closing thoughts to share?


Silvana: I have a lot of projects in mind, but I will need more time to plan everything what I want to do, sculpture and jewelry maybe in the next future, I don’t know yet.

Finally say,  to all who want to start as an illustrator or any other artistic expression and feel frustration at first… perseverance passion and lot of practice, then you will see the good results.









Looking for Artists!!!

Artist Illustrator, Modeling 3d, Music, My Artwork


Hello to everyone!
Some people probably know me under the pseudo name Artienne or Valgerd Kossmann. I have decided to share my post because
I am looking for Artists, who would like to share their artwork on my blog Elestra. Long time ago I was “journalist”
who made interviews with many different kind of artists.
I would like to invite all people who make digital art, renders, some modeling, design, traditional painting, 3d, 2d, photographers, writers and musicians.
What is in my mind? I would like make some kind of article, where artists speak about their the best
artwork, renders, photos, digital painting, music. Only what you need to do is send your one, best render not bigger than 1920 X 1406 with description Title, information what is it,
which kind of message is there, influence, which tools, post-work you made.  This same about photographers and painters. If you are musician, you have to provide link to your web page.
You can write in English, German,Norwegian, Swedish, Danish(languages which I understand and I can translate your thoughts to English). Also you can add link to your web page where people can buy your product. All renders should have watermark or your nickname, other way I can do that for you 🙂
This is my email where you should send your stuff of course if you are interested




World of Jeffersson Ferreira

Artist Illustrator, Modeling 3d, Vendor


Jefferson Ferreira: I started with modeling in 2004 at Cinema 4D, in 2005 I acquired Bryce 4, I fell in love with 3D art.
I love creating scenes with forests, city, toon, characters and some clothes.
My working tools are Bryce 7.1 Pro, Hexagon, DAZ Studio, Poser, Ulead Photo Express and Corel Paint Shop Pro.
In my renders, I like to put what I feel in my soul for my art, I love what I do.
In 2009 I started creating commercial products for Bryce 5.5, from 2010 I started creating products for DAZ Studio.
I own commercial and free products at Renderosity.


The Warrior Elf
Estela, a warrior who crosses a huge forest in search of adventure.
It is the quest for freedom, for adventure, to go beyond its own limits.
My influence, I always liked action, adventure and fantasy, read the magazines a lot
Of Conan the Barbarian.
The tools I have used in this art are: DAZ Studio 4.9, Estela for G3F and Vic7,
Warrior Clothing for G3F and The Lost Forest 2, all created by me.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.



Living in nature
I wanted to show life in the forest with this work.
A gorilla in the middle of nature, I love seeing scenes of animals and forests,
I always watch programs on these subjects.
For this work I used my product The Lost Forest 2 Poser.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.


In this work I wanted to show the life of a solitary warrior who gets some time in his adventures
for contemplate the beauty of a fascinating place.
To create this scene I had the influence of a game that I liked very much in the late 90’s.
For this work I used my product Mystery place for DAZ Studio.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.


Flight between nature
I wanted to show my fascination for mountains and huge lakes.
I love nature and always try to represent it in my art.
For this work I used my product Mystery place for DAZ Studio.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signatu.


My creation for Bryce 7.1 Pro.
I love science fiction mixed with fantasy, this was my inspiration.
The effects of Sun Glow and HDR are created by me.
For this work I used my product Environments for Bryce 7 1 Pro and Invader Ship I Steampunk
for Poser.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.


Journey to the other planet
I wanted to portray a spaceship across the sky of inhospitable planet.
I love science fiction and this was my inspiration.
For this work I used my product Environments for Bryce 7 1 Pro.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.


Cold area
In this work I wanted to portray life in the cold.
My influence on this scene is that I love the cold even though it’s not too cold in my country.
For this work I used my Master Terrain 2 product for DAZ Studio.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.







Robert Ruisinger- interview with German 3d Artist

Artist Illustrator


Robert Ruisinger is German 3d Artist who lives in Bavaria about 100km North of Munich. We know him from Daz Studio where he submit very interesting renders. He has little experience when it comes to some programs like: Photoshop, Bryce, Strata Studio Pro, Cinema 4d. He is inspired by paintings famous artist like Salvador Dali, Giger, Bosch and Ernst Fuchs. More information about him, you can find in interview 🙂

Artienne: What made you decide to devote your life 3D Art. What was the first impulse? Why did you choose Daz Studio instead Poser?


Robert: The first impulse of 3D where the first CGI effects in movies.

Not that I wanted to recreate such things, but it was the first Wow, what visually can be done with computers.

I played around with some kinds of 2D programs since I had my first computer.

I had a connection to Daz since they became the home of Bryce, which I used for a long time.

Two or three years ago I tried Daz Studio just for fun and I liked the handling. So I stayed with DS.

I still have Poser 10 installed, but I use it very seldom.

I played around with some kind of 2D programs since I had my first computer.


Artienne You said that you are self-taught and have no education when it comes to the graphics.  What were the main sources of training that you used? which kind of books can you recommend to start adventure with 3d? What knowledge is essential?

Robert: First, I started with simple tutorials on the internet. And the early programs came with this printed books as a user manual with much essential knowledge.

Nowadays you can find almost everything on the internet. A good source with some fine tutorials Shiba Shake’s 

I think a good place for books end e-books is 

Learning how to use lights in your scenes is one of the most important things.


Artienne:  Autumn Sunrise, Sunrise 2 or Garden With A View- are the most interesting illustrations you have done. Is the earlier experience with the program Bryce, Strata Studio Pro or Cinema 4D was helpful during creating?

Robert: Yes, I think so. And the fact, that I love beautiful landscapes. 

Especially the  experience with Bryce as a Landscaping Program is still helpful for images like this and creating backgrounds or environments.


Artienne: Surrealism is not a movement. It is a latent state of mind perceivable through the powers of dream and nightmare.” One of your renders “Night Ride” reminded me a little bit about artwork of Salvador Dali. I don’t think here about style or technique but ideas and atmosphere. What you think about surrealism and how big influence has on your artwork? 

Robert: I love Dali and Max Ernst for example since I was very young.

Yes, ideas and atmosphere and the way of the manifestation of the unconscious mind is what I like most about Surrealism. 

That are the main influences of Surrealism for me. 


Artienne: When I saw your render ” Faunessa” I wondered if Ancient Greek and Roman mythology and art was inspiration for you to make render? 

Robert: Really? Not conscious, I had that nice new creature and I like that kind of pose. The environment came at the end.




Artienne: What 3d artists exerted the greatest influence on your work? You said that during the last year you learned a lot from other artists. Did you think to take care of designing and creating your own character using for example Maya, Zbrush or Sculptris?

Robert: When using Bryce, I tried to learn from the wonderful Angel Estevez. He’s got the perfect sense for creating atmospheric landscapes. I really love his art.

For the work with Daz Studio, I have to mention at the very first place Shiba Shake.

We were connected via Patreon, where you can support artists and as a reward the share tutorials and files.

Learning other views and ways of working can improve your skills very much.

Creating my own characters could be a step in the future, I find it very interesting. 

But this takes a lot of time and learning again.

So I first will practicing with the available characters.


Artienne:  What do you do when you are lack of inspiration? Do you have any ways to stimulate creativity? Which kind of movies and music do you like? 

Robert: Sometimes I rework old ideas with new abilities. Or I go out into nature and don’t think about 3D🙂

My taste in movies and TV Shows is very wide. In music, I like the hard and dark tones very much.

For example, I love a lot of Scandinavian Metal Bands.



Artienne:  I don’t think that art, if it’s isolated and specialized, can really create culture. It needs a cult. Can you agree with Ernest Fuchs? 

Robert: Hmm. I think it could create a sort of subculture, and from there it could grow a sort of cult🙂


Artienne:  Any plans for future?

Robert: Making better images and perhaps making my own music again.








Artists of the 3D World Part III

Artist Illustrator, Music

I would like to say thank you to Mike Albert from Griffox Entertainment for great video he made. You can find there my artwork like: Spirit Fairy Tale, Aurona, Autumn’s Treasures II and Among Flowers And Shadows. I really appreciate his help and support. There are many other images made by very talented artists like Beata Renderosity Petra Robinson, Nick Parent, Tiffanie Gray, Vicki Leversedge, Michael Morrow, John Moonan, Regina Littlefox LaGrone. I would like also ask all my friends to support  or share my post on your blog. I will be more than thankful for your help.

Source: Artists of the 3D World Part III

Interview with Angel Estevez

Artist Illustrator, Painting


What were the beginnings of your adventure with 3d graphics in Bryce and why it has become the biggest passion? You started work with graphic in 2001. Do you remember your first painting, or design?

When I bought my first PC in 1994 I installed Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop and started to have fun experimenting with family photos and some drawings, then one day searching the Internet on landscape painted in Photoshop
found an advertisement of the landscape in Bryce at the time I was very curious how a program could create 3D landscapes. Acquired Bryce 4 and found strange the interface seemed “very complicated”, I began to search for landscapes
with Bryce, were awesome but due to my inexperience landscapes I tried to create were horrible, but everything in life you need to persevere and not give up. I still have some images that I created and when I see I’m laughing so bad
they are. It’s been 15 years and continue with Bryce even though it is already outdated compared to other programs such as Vue, but do not care, like it anyway. Some artists have asked me why I did not start using the Vue but
I have no interest. I “rowing against the stream” if you know what I mean.



When I see your landscapes “Calm the river”, “tropical island”, “Along the river” I have the impression that you are inspired by Brazilian nature. …

No, I like tropical scenes, In my mind I see in tropical scenes something of mystery that I like, there is no relationship with Brazil.
When I saw some of Jurassic Park movies was thinking maybe I could try to create some similar scenea bit unlikely with the resources that Bryce offers. But try does not hurt anyone 🙂


 In your gallery we can find abstractions. Where do you get ideas? What is so special about that? What is most important for you when you are working with your digital painting? Harmony or ending result?
Some people believe that that abstraction is not art. What you think about it?

I have great pleasure in creating abstract ideas appear in many ways there is a formula; doing experiments, something that comes suddenly at random references to famous artists in this art, sometimes I’m creating a landscape
and stop to create an abstract that came in mind. I have several abstract that started and not finished yet, sometimes return them. Sometimes I have an idea directed to an abstract and determined as will creating the idea completely
changes and step to do this other abstract. I have sold various abstract for several purposes for people and companies, among the best known companies are Philco and course are used as illustration for advertising to sell its products.
The abstraction is enshrined in the art world with fascinating works such as Kandinsky, Miro, Pollock and many other great masters. Pollock has a frame, which is considered one of the 50 most important in the world.
Some people do not like abstract art but is simply a personal matter.
In my opinion it is more difficult create an expressive abstract that a beautiful landscape.

baia_dos_golfinhos.jpg Pablo Picasso once said that it took him long time  to “learn painting like a child”. Is a return to pure form is also important for you? What you think about art of Salvador Dali?

Certainly, we have the Naif Art where we observe a very interesting innocent concept that totally escapes the academic patterns.
Dal is in my opinion one of the rare geniuses of painting, his works are fascinating in every aspect and incredibly creative.
It seems that he saw the world in a different way “a dream world.” I read an article when he was already very ill and disillusioned by the doctors where he said that “the geniuses should never die”.


You are working in a field related to education. What do you mean? Is your education connected to art? You are a teacher of art or do you have only courses for young artists like for example Boris Vallejo with Julie Bell?
No, the company I work for is linked to education. It is a conglomeration of university schools, I am human resources manager. The art over there and deal with people. 🙂



Traditional painting is also your passion. What is the best part about working with oils?How do you choose the subject of your painting?
Traditional painting is just a curiosity I had to try to understand how to work with paints, most of my paintings I give gift for friends and family and also have pictures in decorating my apartment.
I have a preference to paint with acrylic because the oil is toxic and it takes much longer to dry, but in some paintings oil is more favorable.
The theme is in accordance with the inspiration when I’m going to paint or it is a style that someone asks me. I use paint when I’m a little bored in PC use.


How would you describe your art and present it influences other artists? Do you think that the traditional painting is threatened with extinction?
The influence of other artists and quite common consciously and unconsciously, is a living wheel. In my opinion another influence.
The traditional painting is part of our history and I believe that will never be extinguished in contemporânio world are showing other artistic expressions such as digital among others, but the traditional painting will always have its place.


 At which point the artist can say about himself that is a realized man? When you know that you should complete the work on your image?
I started in digital art as a simple hobby and I see that my work is recognized and accepted in various ways that it can be seen in various ways, including financially.
But for me remains a hobby that I love because it does not depend on the digital art financially; but it is good to join the business with pleasure. I would be happier if here in Brazil to digital was more widespread, it is far in relation to other countries.
When I know that the work is complete? That’s simple, I observe the scene and conclude that it is doing nothing more. It is an interesting result for me. Sometimes excess components in a scene can leave it polluted.


Any plans for future? Have you ever thought to make an e-book with your artwork?
I do not make plans, let happen. At the moment I see no interest with regard to making an e-book or something. My children (2) already spoke of something but I have no interest.
By invitation editors have some of my works exhibited in 4 art magazines. It may be that may one day do something, the future belongs to God.