Katia Wojtkow and Artienne presents:

Artist Illustrator, Drawings, Music, Photography

Music has always been a huge part of my soul and I loved being in a band … .. Playing my guitar or keyboard is something I love but making 3D illustration, traditional, digital painting, talking with different kind of Artists and have with them photo-session make me very happy also.  A few months ago, together with Katia from Belgium, we decided to do the exhibition of our photos and illustrations. The idea may seem crazy because we live in different countries, but strong people create reality and make their dreams comes true… 

Artienne: Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with things you see but everything to do with the way you see them… When did you become interested in photography? Is this is your way of escaping from the grim reality?

Katia: I have always been fascinated by the image … to reflect the moment … beyond everything, I like delivering a message, a symbol … for example, I adore playing on the contrasts as the Parisian bustle seen in a peaceful garden of Montmartre, showing a clear landscape but enabling to perceive the place of shooting. Life is movement, peace, agony, rest … a permanent duality. I like encouraging people to interpret my photos (front and background) … each one will find his own symbolism according to his real-life experience, according to felt sound.


Katia: What is your way of escaping from reality? How do you find inspiration for your illustration? What are the messages you are trying to convey through them?
Artienne: With my own experience I know that escaping from reality is not possible because everywhere you stay, sooner or later your own life will gonna get you. Yes, the escape into the world of fantasy brings temporary relief and sense of security in a new dimension, but never eliminates the hazards of life. It is important to find balance and be active regardless of what you do. You can escape into a world of fantasy, but you can not be passive. The imagery should be used, not escape, but create something new and interesting. My way of activity is the world of music, making tracks, painting, drawing, 3d illustration, embroidery, writing poetry, making viking clothing, learning new things from other people. The main source of inspiration for me is of course Norwegian nature, the voices of her children, and the magic of her sounds. I love walking by the fjord, meditate there, read old legends , folk fairy tales about magical creatures, secretive feminine and male characters.
I would like to show people some kind of spirituality and bring them positive thoughts, magic, joy and uplifting mood. Inside me is also some kind of duality and my soul cannot reject dark themes. Many people are afraid of experiencing this kind of plastic expression. My illustrations bring them a message that you can not completely avoid the darkness and run away from it. We cannot laugh all the time and say that our life is amazing. There is also place for sadness, bad mood and illness. But we have to find a balance between Dark and Light… even if we have to wait long time to reach the right points.




lady of lake 5ready



Artienne: The name “Rillifane Rallathil” is elven god of protection of woodlands and the guardian of the harmony of nature. Probably this name come from the Forgotten Realms and I have to say that it fits very well to the topic of your art. On your web page I found lovely photos of nature, plants, animals, rivers, streams , sometimes people etc. What is your goal? Do you treat photography as a hobby or something more serious? Nature is probably the biggest source of inspiration for you?

Katia: I have no precise purpose, I’ve got an excellent job that fascinates me and widely feeds my family and my animals, I am thus free to work as I want in photography. It is of course a hobby that allows me to express my feelings, may they be happy or darker according to moments.
Nature inspires me, obviously as it is a big provider of lessons. It invites you to philosophy about questioning, humility…
It is not rare that when I do not feel good, I go and make a walk inthe woods I let my spirit wander, and often, I get out of it with a solution to my concerns.
Trees bewitch me in particular, I am next to them in my work a lot because I am responsible for the forest asset management of a city … they are my biggest source of inspiration.


Katia: What’s the importance of nature in your art? Fairies and elves occupy a central place in your drawings, where does this fascination for these magical beings come from?


Very important for me is my determination to pursue my passion despite criticism from others who would prefer me take a more safe and lucrative path in life. I like to bright and colorful images, because they provoke positive feelings. But like I said won’t shy away from darker themes because they represent the human spirit as well. But even when if I exploring darker themes, there is always light and a “way out”. And that is because, no matter how hard my life gets, I never give up. This is the reason why I talk about to finding a balance between dark and light.
My fascination of Elves and fairies comes from folk fairy tales, books, music, paintings and illustration various authors.
I think that the roots of my inspiration should be sought during my childhood. I have enjoyed hearing grandma’s stories about magic, elves, and my mum reading from very early on. I learned to read very quickly and when my mother was at work, I quietly read her books. From what I remember, there were books about Greek and Roman mythology, history of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Ancient Egypt and Sumer, Old folk fairy tales etc. With the passing of years, the time has come to read about German, Slavonic, Finnish and Laplandic mythology. While I was studied of History at University I was fascinated by Sumerian mythology and Ancient Egypt, then by the Celtic and the Viking beliefs. I was also looking for inspiration in the world of fantasy literature, computer games, music and painting as well.

isanerender1c_Soft 2fa








 Artienne: Many legends are surrounding me and one of them says that I’m feeding Heiðrún with my leaves… Hléraðr Ramblings…. the name is connected to the millenium oak of the islandic deep forests…. Why did you choose the old Icelandic name instead of old French for your web page? Which kind of meanings have to you?

Katia: Iceland is one big source of inspiration for me. This country fascinates me both by its landscapes and culture, I dream to visit it. They apply a politic of very avant-gardist nature conservation. The name of Hléraðr came quite naturally, inspired by the legend of Yggdrasill, Christophe made a very good representation through logo with Heiðrún feeding on this tree this symbol is important for me ; a friend told me a day ” distance yourself from those who don’t nourish you”
By making reference to people who surrounded me but emptied me of my energy instead of bringing something positive to my life. This image of Heiðrún, which feeds on leaves of Hléraðr, comes from this idea … the blog is in fact, the ramblings of this old oak … I can dive in him and rave on what it could imagine in its distant forest.



Katia: I think Nordic culture has also inspired you a lot in your 3d illustration especially the Viking tradition. How does this culture fascinate you?

Artienne: It is true. Nordic culture has had a huge impact on me. I have a nature of a viking traveler who likes to visit, discover different countries. For many years I have been fascinated history, the Viking and the Celtic beliefs. The subject of my Master’s Degrees was Old Uppsala and Heathen Cult in this place. Then I moved to England where I joined to a Viking re-enactment group in Bristol and I learned to design costumes and various apparel . In Otley I met a woman Katrin Newman who helped me enter the world of living history. During this period I was very fascinated by Birka, because of the interesting ornamentation. For many years I learned to draw portraits, embroidery, take pictures and always the subject of my work were Vikings, Scandinavian artists or creatures associated with Nordic culture. I am a big fan of the vikings series and Skyrim game 🙂 I do also listen to Scandinavian folk as well.




 Artienne: “My artistic inspiration varies all the time between dark and bright at this moment”.-Katia. Yes I notice some kind of duality of your art. I found this interesting that you submitted on your web page color together with black and White images. Where are the roots of your fascination?
Katia: As Nature and seasons, I have a multifaceted personality. I oscillate between four seasons: Spring: euphoria of changes, the freshness of childhood, frivolity…
Summer: passion, enthusiasm, but also heat storms
Autumn: cleansing of the soul, removing the excesses of the summer, the need to be protected, following the example of the bare trees, we feel fragile, the sensibility is exacerbated.
Winter its coldness, its peace, its darkness …
My mood and inspiration follows these seasons … my photos are very different and so my texts.
This seasonal evolution was the electrical wire(main thread) of our sylvan musing, Christophe’s logos according to its inspiration, becoming completely integrated into this evolution.

Katia: Is your artistic inspiration more linear? Do the natural cycles or another natural phenomenon as the moon influence your work?

Artienne: You know, I was always alive and imaginative person who is not able to limit herself when it is come to the inspiration subject. Although the Nordic culture had a huge impact on my illustrations, however, you can see the diversity in my work. The image of “Eleanor” is a more like a smile of the Renaissance, court culture knows from historical novels Philippa Gregory or Alison Weir… Another series of illustrations I made have Pre-Rafaelite style. Also I really like reading books about Ancient civilizations. My renders Eudaimonia, Greek Oracle or Satyricon is a tribute to Greek mythology.
My own mythology … My wounded whisper..The only thing you hear …
In the one hand, I am talking about the culture of Ancient Summer, in another hand, I have the desire to create my own mythology. The inspiration come from Epic of Gilgamesh, Necronomicon, the music of Morbid Angel and the paintings by Zbigniew Beksinski. Other illustrations are an invitation to the world of computer games like Star Citizen, Conan Exiles, Witcher or Skyrim. I made a few illustrations with starship Antares and Twilek’s because of inspiration from Star Wars Movie. One of my illustration” Autumn Magic” touched the natural cycles topic. For me the magic school is a forest with trees, falling leaves and dry yellow grass. First character represents Autumn Spirit who came to us with her treasures, positive warm colors, the second is human being just looking for connection with nature. Meditation is just the way to help us to find the right path. I am looking for something spiritual in my life.. Winter is the time when the human body and nature have to regenerate. But after the storm, one day we must come out in the sun. Therefore, for me, Winter brings a balance between darkness and light. When it’s cold, the snowflakes are falling down, my soul is happy and full of energy. When it comes to a natural phenomenon or the moon phase, you will surely find more accents in my works in the nearest future. One of my favorite illustrations I made is Dark Elf Who has stolen the moon. For me, a character holding a small moon has a symbolic meaning. The phases of the moon have always been of great importance to me. When I lived in England, I also dealt with herbalism, I had my small garden with various herbs and flowers.









Artienne: Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.What means creativity for you? You organize exhibitions for different kind of Arts – one of them was called Reverie Sylvestre. Can you say some thing more about your exhibition and activity. You made this exhibition with Luca Devinu Blessend illustrations and Christophe Szpajdel-Lord of Logos. How did you find the common theme?How do you remember this exhibition?

Katia: I always need a sheet of paper and a pen with me because everything can be source of inspiration, it’s just necessary to be ready to welcome the message that offers itself to us.
Christophe and I we know each other for more than 25 years, gathered by music at first (we realized and managed together the fanzine and the label of distribution “Burning Corpse” from 93 to 97) … we evolved, a bit as an old couple those who know us will say… because working together is sometimes very tiring, we are both very passionate and often, a new idea can take us in an euphoria state that requires to be supervised.
Both of us are fascinated by trees, birds, birds of prey and of course photography, this exhibition was for us an obvious fact.

Luca joined us by exhibiting drawings that became well integrated into our work reflecting a little bit of the mystic side of nature.
This exhibition has known an unexpected success.
We organized it from Friday opening to Sunday.
We had many visits, not only by people stemming from the field of music, many came for the “Outside World» … from logos, photos, paints, stories told with a lot of talent by Christophe …
All this in the back room of a pub … the public was diversified, and inquisitive, the purpose has been reached.







Katia: We moreover exposed several logos that Chris realized for you … why this collaboration with Christophe? How you are known each other? What means “Artienne” for you? In French, it is an adjective concerning an art school.

Artienne: The main reason for my interest in Chris was his personality, great talent for logos, good heart and creative spirit. Of course, his work , all his logos has made a huge impression on me from beginning. A long time ago I made a zine devoted to metal music. We published the first issue of this zine in the printing house. Once I found an address to Chris and wrote to him or opposite :). I think it was 95-96. We lived in different countries, far from each other, therefore the meeting was not possible. For a long time we have been conducting correspondence, exchanging demos, zines, various things. It was a fantastic time, I asked Chris to make a logo for my music projects, I sent him a demo and he helped me. He was the only man I could trust. He wrote to me a lot about the Belgian and Portuguese scene at the time. I wrote to him about other bands … Later I had a conflict with my co-worker and again asked Chris for help and making a new logo. Then we had a break period. After finishing studies, I moved to England, while Christophe lived in Exeter. After many years I found him on Myspace and again we re-freshed our contact , this time thanks to the new technology and internet we managed to talk on the phone and skype 🙂

Artienne is a French name… ARIENNE: French form of Latin Ariadne, meaning “utterly pure.” , some people claim that Artienne means devoted to the Gods, but in my opinion they are wrong because they are thinking about form Arielle, Abrielle, Ardelle which means the lion of God. Artienne is more connected to the spirit and human beings, who decided to devote all their life to the Art. So it make sense for me that Artienne must be a an adjective connected to Art school. When I pick up the name I didn’t think about the name Artienne which contains “Art”. I was happy with the sound and old french origin. My great-grandma and grandma was born in Charbonnier Les Miles in France and they lived there for many years. My great dad was the miner and musician, who played very well violin and viola. This is what I know from my grandma Anne.








 Artienne: Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, to the imagination and life to everything-Plato.What is music for you? I know you love metal music and many years ago you made fan zine with Christophe. You are also manager of Burning Corpse. Can you say something more about your demons and your old fan zine? 🙂 How you see future of metal scene?

Katia: Metal is a magical music… a friend told me a day ” we, the metalheads, are in the extreme, our sensibility are exacebated “… it’s so true!
I adore frequenting little fests where I don’t know many people… after a few hours, we discuss as if we known ourselves for a long time.
Seen from the outside, it’s difficult to understand this mentality but it’s in the world of the music that I made the most beautiful meetings, the most true, richest, strongest…
Burning corpse was a fanzine and a distro -list for small independent groups that contacted us (we interviewed them and we took some demos from them to be distributed), we worked mainly with Riccardo Figiaconi (Miscarriage Records) and Dan Swanö (Unisound ) for the more known groups.

I took back this name for my page Facebook of live reports.

At the beginning of the 90s, when I began with music, internet didn’t exist, it was a great time for tape trading.
We knotted contacts throughout the world by exchanging k7’s with our untraceable musical discoveries at the record dealers.
I remember that was a blessed era…
Exchanges of handwritten letters with one tape and small explanations about the pieces we made discover to our correspondent. It was really magic, we looked forward to the postman.

Many of these friendships continued, we met each other again thanks to Facebook but the magic, the intimate side and the confidence of letters is not there anymore.
The future of the scene metal? I don’t know … I keep following a lot of young groups but in a undefinable way, there’s something that does not exist anymore … the spirit is not the same anymore…
I exchanged a lot with Dan Swanö, we always had in mind discovering new talents without prejudice ; there was this underground spirit, every group had its luck…I don’t know how to explain, but the contacts with groups is not the same anymore.

Katia: What are your musical influences? What impact have they on your work? What is your approach of the scene metal in particular?

Artienne: In my home, my parents listened to different music, but my spirit needed more diversity and an element of mysticism. I love guitar music by Hendrix, Steve Hackett, Eddie van Halen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, classic (Mozart, Bach, Betthoween), Chopin, Berg, Grieg, Elend, metal and rock with various styles. I have always liked music that is more difficult to receive.When it comes to concerts, I loved going to talk with people but after some time I needed loneliness and time to create music or make illustrations. Unfortunately, my parents were not delighted with my actions and the fact that instead of earning money I am like drunk marine who just spends money for new instruments, softwares etc.. But you can not live according to the wishes of your parents or other people. You have to be yourself :). I kept contact with many musicians but not so often because of my studies. When creating illustrations I listen to different music, for example Sopor Aeternus, Morbid Angel, Blind Guardian, Dead Can Dance, The Gathering, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Arcturus, Wardruna, Chaostar, Garmarna, Devil Doll, Immolation … The magic of sound put me to the right mood. For many years I have not been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. The only stubs I can not get rid of is the magic of sound and the cup of coffee.





Artienne: Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts and offer it to any humans who possess the humility to listen. You are living in a farm with plenty of horses and i can see that they are very special to you. Can you say something more about the Spirit and magic around them?
Katia: I don’t live in a farm but I have got a house filled with animals, dog, cat, reptiles, fishes and I breeds Bantams of Beijing.

My horses stay in a private stable within a few kilometers from my home.
My relatives and grandparents always had horses too, the divorce of my parents had risks of everyday life and also a bad fall took me away from this passion for a few years and then, having caught the virus, my daughters brought horses back in my life.
In the evening, I’m going out of the office, I drag my feet at the stable, cursing the cold and then there the breath and the look of my horse, « El’ Boy », erase takes away any trace of discomfort… it puts ts head tenderly against me, I brush her and the magic operates… everything fades around me… the carpet, the saddle, the girth… this small game between us, iEl’Boy nibbling the belt… , I dispute it kindly …I close the last loop and now we’re off to runway…
There, it pays attention to the friends who join us … we walk a little, we discuss, we calm down … and then I ride it calmly… and during one hour, time does not exist anymore, … exercises of softenings, body-building … we end sweaty, a small cover on its back, some carrots, a big cuddle … moment of calm, incomparable sweetness, impression of well done work … a feeling of plenitude.

Katia: Animals are very present in your 3D illustration, drawings also, what are the ones which inspire you most? What is your approach and your relation with them?

Artienne: That’s right. In my illustrations, there are animals such as wolves, squirrels, cats, tigers, horses. But I have special sympathy for the wolves. These animals can follow the gaze of others. In social animals, it is an important skill because it allows one to predict someone’s next move, such as a predator or victim, and to follow important events in the herd. .. The wolf also found its place in the traditional legends of China. According to the Chinese, the sun sometimes eclipses, because a huge wolf swallows them. In ancient Rome, it was believed that one who managed to see the wolf who was associated with Mars was the god of war. So whoever saw him, he could be sure of good luck in the battles. One of his greatest victories over the Gaelic armies, the Romans in their opinion attributed to the wolf. The animal was sent by Mars to the enemy army of the Gauls. One of the most famous Roman myths tells the story of a female-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. The wolf’s qualities made such an impression on people that all the cultures of the lands on which this animal lived had included his character in his religious beliefs, symbols or legends. Very old tribes dressed up in the wolfskins  of hunters and sorcerers. This was to provide them with the most valuable features of these exceptional animals. The wolf’s teeth hung around his neck to protect people from evil.
Many people say that I have a wolf spirit. I do not know if it’s true, but I’m a little loner by nature. I love lonely walks and taking pictures in plenary to different animals. I come from a big city, so it’s hard for me to talk about my relationships with animals. At home, my mother did not like animals so I did not have any. When she was pregnant , my father took me to the grandparents, who had horses, dogs, cats, and other animals. In this short period I had a closer contact with animals, but I was a small child, so my behavior towards animals was like any child in the city. I had to understand and observe many things. My parents got divorced when I was eight years old and since then I have not seen my grandparents. Relations between parents were far from ideal, so in my private life I was very careful when it came to setting up a family. I love also dragons, demons and these sweet creatures have also special place in my heart.




Artienne: I know you like this author and also you added this quote to your page. What is special about Jack Kerouac in Big Sur? which kind of literature and poem you like?
“Because a new love affair always gives hope, the irrational mortal loneliness is always crowned, that thing I saw (that horror of a snake emptiness) when I took the deep iodine deathbreath on the Big Sur beach is now justified and hosannah’d and raised up like a sacred urn to Heaven in the mere fact of the taking off of clothes and clashing wits and bodies in the inexpressibly nervously sad delight of love- don’t let no old fogies tell you otherwise, and on top of that nobody in the world even ever dares to write the true story of lovem it’s awful, we’re stuck with a 50% incomplete literature and drama- lying mouth to mouth, kiss to kiss in the pillow dark, loin to loin in unbelievable surrendering sweetness so distant from all our mental fearful abstractions it makes you wonder why men have termed God antisexual somehow- the secret underground truth of mad desire hiding under fenders under buried junkyards throughout the world, never mentioned in newspapers, written about haltingly and like corn by authors and painted tongue in cheek by artists, agh, just listen to Tristan und Isolde by Wagner and think of him in a Bavarian field with his beloved naked beauty under fall leaves.”
Jack Kerouac in Big Sur

Katia: I really like this author as many others … in fact, the choice of the literature excerpts depends on my feelings in front of the picture illustrated … Christophe and I are very fond of quotes, and book excerpts … as soon as we meet a little sentence that challenges us during our readings or our meetings, we talk about it …. Sometimes Chris makes a beautiful calligraphy cfr example.
This quotation from Big Sûr illustrated a photo taken in the Ninglinspo valley in the south of Belgium, the coolness of a forest and its spring statements reminded me of the beginning of a romantic relationship …

My readings are a bit like my artistic inspirations … very changeable according to my mood …





Katia: Your drawings, renders sometimes seem straight out of the pages of a book. Have you ever thought of illustrating books?Are your drawings inspired by literature? who are your favorite authors?

Artienne: A year ago, I made illustrations and covers to both e-books of George Sophie Ramey. I think you can still get these books on Amazon. At that time, I was the person who took the first steps as a graphic illustrator so I didn’t have much experience with Daz Studio. I also made some pictures for an English company that produces furniture.
I love reading historical novels, fantasy books, philosophical essays and poetry. The paintings of various periods and fantasy illustrations have had a huge impact on my imagination.
I like reading book from : Tolkien, Steven Erikson, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind,Richard Kirk, Umberto Ecco, Lovecraft, Cleve Barker, Stephan King, Sapkowsky, S. Lem, Graham Masteron, Robert E Howard, Bernar Cornwell, William Morris, Andrew Lang, Francisco de Moraes, Johann Ludwig Tieck, John Ruskin, George Mac Donald, L Frank Baum, Robert E Horaed, Ursula L Le Guin. Necronomicon by Simmons, Socrates, Platon, Empadocles, Anaxagoras, Thales, Pitagoras…





 Artienne: The heart of the chakra is our potential connection with the highest levels of awareness, innate intelligence, which cannot be taught, intuition and knowing. It is the balance point for the other six(chakras)-the lower three largely relate to this reality and the higher tree largely to expanded levels of awareness and communication. The heart is at the governor sitting of the centre or should be and is potentially ,emphasies on potentiality -our connection to infinitate oneself. What you think about the chakras ?

Katia: I know the main principles of the chakras but I have never really been interested in it. For me, harmony of the body goes through harmony of the spirit. I am convinced that when something is stuck in my life, it will manifest itself as a summarization.
But I admit it’s a philosophy that I don’t know well enough.

Katia: Can you explain to me how this philosophy works? How do you apply it in your everyday life?

Artienne: I was interested in these topics very long ago when I had health problems(allergy, rheumatism and gallstones. In England I met a woman named Maria who was interested in esotericism and told me that I have blocked, blue sacral and red chakra (Roots). I used chakras and crystals for meditation. She told me also to use blue and red candles, wear clothing in this colors, put some decorations , use special kind of herbs, oils and crystals. When it comes to chakras, it is best to talk about when we will meet in Belgium at the exhibition. I can only tell you a little bit about it…
Imagine the spine as the shaft of the elevator, and the chakras as individual floors on which we experience life. When we rise from one floor to the next in consciousness, we broaden our perspective.Suppose that the chakras are seven floors of a building. When we are on the lowest floor and we look out the window, we have a different view in front of us than from the other floors. On each successive floor we gradually see more and more. If the windows on all floors are clean, the views are uninterrupted. However, the window panes are often obscured by our beliefs. We must be ready to verify all beliefs to clean them. Chakras determine how we use energy. They are batteries for various levels of life energy. They collect, store and give shape to energy through communication with the cosmic life force. The free flow of energy between us and the Universe is directly dependent on our overall health and contentment. Chakras determine how we use energy. They are batteries for various levels of life energy. They collect, store and give shape to energy through communication with the cosmic life force. The free flow of energy and contentment. The first step to understanding the chakras is to see their action in our life in the form of energy flow. The same life force flows through us as through plants, animals, clouds, rivers and mountains. It flows through the chakra system in an organized and visible way. You can watch it and feel it, but you have to reach the observer’s perspective. People with sensitivity that allows them to see the chakras define them as vortices of energy, rotating like luminous circles and emanating each with their own color.
The faster they spin, the more energy they can download and transfer.
However, always the lowest energy frequency is shown by the root chakra (emanating in red), and ever higher each one towards the head crown chakra – analogously to the higher notes in the range and the colors of the rainbow from red to violet.

The combination of these circles of light creates our aura, which is the radiation of subtle light energy from the chakras.

Chakras are usually associated with the system of endocrine glands. Their position in the body coincides with the location of many of these glands, and the importance of each chakra is closely related to the function of the corresponding gland.
However, this relationship is not physical, because the chakras, despite their position along the spine, are not physical.

In contrast, the energy of the chakras, although it is subtle by nature, not physical, permeates all aspects of our life. By acquiring awareness of its operation, we direct our attention from the physical manifestations to the energy hidden behind them, that is, where the changes take place really.



 Artienne: Do you have any plans for the future?
Katia: A new project on the way with you … our conductive thread is slowly taking form …
Other projects en route in early 2018 with Christophe, the time to meet a few days and develop ideas of a new collaboration …

I also have other projects on standby like the publication of several albums containing my most beautiful photos of forests embellished with quotes but cumulating several professional and artistic activities, I would just like to find the time … to live, to dream, to let the inspiration carry me …

Katia: And you, do you have other projects in mind?
Artienne: At this moment in my head I have an exhibition project with you in Belgium. I hope Chris will join us. I started work for Elite 3D Artists as well. I think about creating covers and illustrations for books and metal albums. When I saw the Artwork of Ken Coleman, I realized I had to do more useful things. I would like to do something more with the music but I am getting older and it is hard to find a person to cooperate with. That’s why i think about making music for games. I do not want to plan too much because for the present time it does not make sense. I will see where art will take me. 🙂 Thank you Katia for brilliant talk.



Emma and Jordi

3d world, Artist Illustrator, Interviews, Modeling 3d

Today we will visit Spain, lovely country where many of us were there because of holidays, good gigs and fantastic medieval festivals. Emma and Jordi are lovely married couple, who had deal with digital art, modeling in 3d world and photography. They both have amazing experience and very good education which helps them realize their dreams. Jordi is 3d modeler, photographer who made content for Poser and Daz Studio. He is sponsor of 3d Creative magazine and 2d Artist magazine. Emma, his wife is Digital Artist specialized in Fantasy, Sci-fir illustrations. She is also blogger, had many interesting exhibition in Spain and other countries.  More information about their activity you can find in this interview 🙂


Digital painting by Emma Alvarez



Artienne: Hei Emma and Jordi! What were your first steps when it comes to modeling and digital art?

Emma and Jordi: We married very young and by that time we had bad paid jobs and dreamed with having a better job some day. As Jordi was very good with computers and he programmed since a child, we thought that a good way of getting what we wanted was doing video games. We did an amateur one, an arcade, and one day, looking for information in the public library we found a book about online virtual reality. For some time we were very immersed in VR trying to make a business of it. We created 32 virtual worlds to chat in 3D and lots of avatars, an artificial intelligence bot that spoke to people online, and a server to share events. But we never got any sponsor or public aids to start our business. When we were thinking in make our mortgage bigger to get the money, Second Life appeared. Many of the small virtual worlds businesses started to close, so we didn’t dare, and we didn’t started ours.
During that time, Emma started to do illustration works and exhibitions, and Jordi started to do technical documentation for virtual worlds software. One day Emma discovered a place called Renderosity where she started to sell Photoshop brushes. Months later Jordi started to model in 3D for his Renderosity store. In that time we had 2 independent accounts as vendors. We started to adapt our skills from virtual worlds to Poser/Daz Studio, and did the same kind of 3D projects we were used too: characters, scenery, poses, clothing, jewelry, hair… And when Emma reached the Top Sellers, to be able to send products to Prime there was the requisite that we had to be both top sellers, so the old products we shared couldn’t be sent to Prime. So we merged our stores with the brand we use today, EmmaAndJordi.


Artienne: You both have an excellent education in the field of graphic design, digital painting and photography. How looks the educational system in Spain. Is the school, can prepare people to the profession or you need to have a look for more additional courses?

Emma and Jordi: For many years we worked and studied at the same time. Emma is graphics designer and Jordi studied photography in one of the most important schools of Barcelona, and also has a Master in virtual reality, and in marketing, although it is Emma who always dealt the marketing in our stores, as Emma’s father was an important business man and always told her notions of marketing, sales, and business strategies. But for what we actually do as 3D content creators there is no official studies. We learned lots of things during all this time, and that gave us very varied skills that now in this job make sense together.


Product “Violin Soul” designed by Emma and Jordi


 Personal Transporter by Emma and Jordi


Artienne: What are the basic steps of your work in modeling and digital painting? Where it all begins and how it is transformed in the final result? What makes your work in the greatest difficulty? What are you working the longest? How looks your cooperation? Can you tell us more about product Violin Soul?

EmmaAndJordi’s works have two parts: the artistic part and the technical part. The artistic part is made by Emma: concept, texturing, materials, the shape of characters, the makeups, poses, expressions, promo work, thumbnails, etc. Jordi is the modeler, does the hair and clothing shape, rigging, morphing, shaders, scripting, technical work, and the artistic part of modeling. We collaborate all the time, so some designs are of we both, so most of the time this is mixed. We work in two desktops with different computers in the same room, and are working together all the time.
About Violin Soul: we like heavy metal, rock, Gothic rock, fantasy movies, vampire books… all this has a aesthetic and culture we show in our products. Actually the 3D products are a reflection of their creators, of their interests and how they see the world.

Artienne: What programs you use in your work? Do you use programs such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, After Effects,Sketch up, MS Paint or Softimage DS? What do you think about 3ds max? I heard opinion that 3d max can not give very high quality and you need to buy more expensive tools like “RenderDriver”.
What is your attitude to the plugins. Some artists claims that plugins are unnecessary because 3ds max is a very good program. Do you were using plugin from Blur Studio, Brazil, Meshtools, FreeHand tools, Character Studio, Stich, morph-o-matic or matterwaves?

Emma and Jordi: We mainly use Zbrush and Silo, Photoshop, Freehand, and a ton of smaller programs that allow us to save time to shorten the production time while keeping a high quality. Zbrush is the most powerful application to model in 3D in an artistic way and is essential for many parts of our work. But our Zbrush is very customized and adapted to the way we work. At the beginning it is not very friendly but it allows a lot of customization. We know many people don’t like it because they didn’t adapt the application to themselves but we did and now use it for most of our work, except for things that require very low poly work or very precise adjustments.
About 3D Studio Max, Jordi used it in a very old version when we began but then used others as Hexagon, or Shade. When it comes to 3D modeling applications, there is not one better than the other, each person finds one or the other better because it fits their way of working or thinking more, or has tools that they find better. Our advice is always to have some knowledge of the most popular ones, and find the one that fits best with their way of working.


Character: EJ Adora designed by Emma and Jordi

Artienne: “Rosalia”, Agatha, Luvia, Adora, Graciana, Estella , Rita  are some of your best products.When you create a model of people. What you use for the reference? , Photographs with real models or your own imagination? Do you use the technique of “photogrammetry”in your work? How looks your work on skin texture? Did you create your own texture or rather buy from other artist, vendor?

Emma and Jordi: Our characters are very detailed and have a lot of skin work. For them we use high resolution photos, but not from an only source. We use many different photographies in a same character. We don’t use resources. At the beginning we did it, but now we prefer to make them from several photo stock images we buy.


Character: EJ Rosalia designed by Emma and Jordi

 Artienne: Emma -On your blog, you mention often artists such as Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Is only these artist had the greatest influence on your digital painting?

Emma and Jordi: Absolutely! And Ken Kelly. When I was a child I was absorbed looking at Frank Frazetta’s illustrations. I used to look at disc covers of rock bands. When I saw Steve Vai’s disc cover “Love and Warfare” I decided that I wanted to become an illustrator.


Digital painting by Emma Alvarez

Title:  The Unicorn Under The Moon

Artienne: I really like your artwork“Spring in the Golden Garden””the Dreamer Mermaid”and The Unicorn under the Moon”.  Is it a mixed media, photo-manipulation or digital painting? I understand that your artwork, images were printed on canvas? Have you thought about the release of the book with your digital painting ?

Emma and Jordi: All my illustration works are mixed media. They combine many different techniques to get the result I want. At the beginning when I did the exhibitions, I printed it in paper, but the matt crystal was very expensive, and the glossy one gave problems with reflections and light. So in an exhibition I tried to print it in canvas, and liked the result so much that I started to print in canvas, and my “Justice” illustration in canvas visited 36 exhibition rooms. In my web page they can be bought printed in canvas.
I have my web page very outdated, I have to find time for that. Yes it has always been in my mind to make a book with all my illustrations. I sometimes write and thought in mixing tales with my illustrations. I will do it some day.


Digital painting by Emma Alvarez,

Title: Spring in the Golden Garden

Artienne: You participated as illustrator with 5 books. Can you tell a little bit about your experience as book illustrator?

Emma and Jordi: The experience of watching your work in a book is wonderful. My father was a business man of book publishing. Since I was a child I saw books and dreamed with being part of them and not only editing. But everybody expected that I was a book editor as my father. Watching my illustration in a book was achieve a dream of my childhood. In addition, one of the books was a selection of sci-fi works made by the ex-Marvel UK editor, John Freeman, and another had Ken Kelly as judge. Those two books are very special for me because they are not only important professionally but also at an emotional level. I chose the artistic part and although it has been a long and hard path I finally can say I got it to be my profession.

Artienne: Emma you had many of exhibitions and conferences in different places in Spain and other countries? Which one was your best exhibition and conference? Jordi also has deals with photography. Did you have any exhibitions together? What were your greatest achievements in this field?

Emma and Jordi: My favorite exhibition was in Barcelona, in the Dali museum in a dedicated room for a collective exhibition. As Dali is one of my favorite painters it was a blast to have one of my works close to his paintings. My favorite conference was about digital art. Many people who didn’t know about it was amazed with the topic, the room was full, with people standing because the chairs were full, and the public was very warm and nice.
We have exhibited together, Emma with a painting and Jordi with a photography in Taza (Morocco). The exhibition appeared in the news of the public television and it was great.

Artienne:  Jordi you are making contest for Poser and Daz Studio! What this mean? Can you say more about it? What are you working now?

Emma and Jordi: Not in this moment but we have it in our thoughts.


Artienne: Any plans for the future?

Emma and Jordi: Our plans is to keep on giving the best of us in our products. And in the personal side we are thinking in moving from our city and go to a new and exciting place where we can continue developing our creativity. We always thought that home is where the heart is.


Product “Temple Guardian” designed by Emma and Jordi














Magic world by Shiba Shake- interview with 3d Artist

3d world, Artist Illustrator, Interviews


Shiba Shake –  3d Artist who doesn’t like to talk a lots about him self but he makes fantastic illustrations. His magic world is rich with different kind of creatures, elves, mermaid, dragons, vampires, demons and etc. Every render is like a beautiful story, fairy tale full of life and treasures of nature.

Artienne: When I saw your oldest works as “The queen of summer and winter”, “Elf Knight”, “Coffee by Moonlight”, “Saucy Red Devil”or “Moment of Peace”, I had the impression that you have good knowledge about Photoshop.  Did you do digital art before you found Renderosity? Do you have an education as a graphic designer or rather you are the type of self-taught?

Shiba Shake: No, I do not have any formal art education.Before Daz Studio, I had an old Wacom tablet that I used with Photoshop to draw and paint. It was a very good way for me to relax after work.  🙂


Artienne: When I watch your images like “Medieval Tavern girl”, “Mermaids Fantasy Moon” or “Read head”,  I wonder what type of character did you use? Is this the Victoria 7 plus a combination of different morphs or something else? What is your favorite character from Daz Studio and Renderosity?

Shiba Shake: For those images, I used a combination of Eva 7 and Victoria 7. I really love both those figures and they are still my favorite. Recently, I got FWSA Freckles from Renderosity, and I super love her too. For male figures, my current favorite is FWSA Liam from Daz3D. I guess it is pretty obvious that I am a big fan of Fred Winkler and Sabby.  🙂


Artienne: I read that you had deal with the art when you were 5 year old and you won the first Art contest. Do you have more similar achievements with traditional painting? 

Shiba Shake: Haha, no. I think that was more of a fluke than anything. My Daz Studio images are a lot better than any of my traditional or digitally painted pictures.


Artienne: I know that you are fascinated by dragons and often these mythical figures we find on your lovely illustrations like “The lovers”, “Where Dragons Dwell”, “Lady of Winter”, “Cowboy and Dragons” or “Dragon Lord”. Which kind of dragons do you like?  Do you have favorite artists of the fantasy genre?

Shiba Shake: I love all kinds of dragons, little ones, big ones, Eastern, Western, cute, and bad-ass. One of my big favorites is DA Black Dragon from Daz. All those spikes and scales are just so fierce! My top two favorite artists are Royo and Vallejo.


Artienne: You are the artist who is working about two years for Daz Studio. What does it mean for you this job? Is this the grim duty of doing everyday promotional render or rather something like a new challenge?

Shiba Shake: Haha, that is very flattering, but I do not work for Daz. I love Daz Studio though, purely for fun and as a hobby. It is relaxing, interesting, and I enjoy every minute of it. Plus I get a wonderful feeling of accomplishment after I finish a picture. I think 3D-Art would be a great thing to have in schools. It trains both the right and left sides of the brain.


Artienne : Hahaha one artist gave me wrong information about you, but I am glad  that you made things clear about it. You have two blogs, which means that you like to write about your experience.  Have you thought about making a video tutorials ?

Shiba Shake: I have thought about it, but I am much more comfortable with writing. 


Artienne: Many young artists would like to make a good renders. Is it better to do first background, set the lights and then add the character or all scene and after add cameras and lights? Any advice?

Shiba Shake: I think every artist develops their own style and it depends a lot on what we are most passionate about. I love figures, so that is my main focus. I usually start out with my main figure(s) and then build everything else around them.


Artienne: What you think about Octane? Is this program can reduce the rendering time?

Shiba Shake: I have never tried Octane although I have seen some great renders from people who use it. Brian Sains (Sainsy) has some great Octane artwork and the way he does human skin is wonderfully realistic. He is also totally awesome, and has written some great Octane tutorials on my website.


a-girl-and-her-pony_fullArtienne: I know that you are a lover of dogs and you made a very nice calendar with them … I know that your pseudo Shiba Shake comes from name one of your dogs. Can you tell us what is in the SPECIAL about Husky and Shiba Inu? Which kind of personality they have? 

Shiba Shake: Dogs are totally magical! I currently live with two Huskies and one Shiba. Shiba Sephy is stubborn and chock full of confidence. He is usually up to no good! J Husky Shania is happy and full of vim. She is curious about everything and lives life to the fullest. Husky Lara is the youngest and she is more gentle and shy. After she gets to know someone though, she is very affectionate and loves to do play-boxing.


Artienne: What can you say about your activity on the portal Patreon? Let’s say some new artists would like to become your “patrons”. What you have to offer them? What advice do you have for people who just joined there recently?

Shiba Shake: Actually, I have recently suspended my Patreon. At the moment, I have too much going on and don’t have the proper time to devote to it. I did it for about a year though, and it was a great experience. I met some totally wonderful people there.



Artienne: Which is your the best render and why?

Shiba Shake: Heh, I am not usually a very good judge of that. Usually I like my recent images best. My current favorite is probably Vampire Love on my Daz Gallery. It is romantic and I had great fun playing around with lights and colors.


Artienne: Any plans for the future?

Shiba Shake: I would like to do more on my art website thinkdrawart.com. We currently have a fun monthly contest with DazGC for prizes. What other events would you be interested in? What discussions would you like to have with vendors? What types of articles or tutorials would you like to see? Suggestions and ideas are very welcome. I am on Facebook and DeviantArt too. 🙂 






















Dark Fantasy Illustrator – interview with Silvana Massa.

Artist Illustrator, Drawings, Interviews


Silvana Massa is fantastic Dark Fantasy illustrator from Chile. She made great album covers for
bands like Graveland, Myrkur, Melankolia, Verminaard, Ironwood, Poltergeist,Dream Ocean, Haegen, Doom of Valyria and many others. I like her dark vision and admire her desire for making different kind of art. She is doing photography, wood crafting, oil, acrylic and digital paintings etc.

Artienne: You define your art-work as Dark Fantasy, Pagan Art. What has the greatest impact on your creativity? Metal Music, nature or pagan beliefs?

Silvana: Nature definitely is one of my biggest inspirations , also metal music… music in general, does not necessarily have to be always metal, I like to draw with some nice background music, it can be classical music as well. It depends a bit of what I have to paint.

Another big inspiration are movies and books.


Artienne: You wrote under one of your picture that “you are obsessed with Forest”I have to admit, your pictures, photo manipulation and painting often shows a forest with a very dark texture. What programs do you use for photo-manipulation and editing? Do you use also Photoshop brushes for digital painting?

Silvana: I love forest, mountains and their special energy.
I use Photoshop for photo manipulations and digital paintings, sometimes I work with PaintStorm Studio which is a very nice software. I like to create my own brushes, filters, textures, also we can find many great
graphic resources on internet.


Saltus Obscurus.jpg

Artienne: One of your paintings has title “ You are not alone” and you said that it is very special to you. Why this picture is very important to you? Which kind of message is there?

Silvana: That’s a bit personal 😉 it’s related to someone very important to me.


Artienne: Can you tell us more about technique matte paintings which you sometimes used? Do you have any favorite artists who inspire you?

Silvana: Matte painting is an old visual technique where artists had to paint outstanding background to create the perfect environment for films, now with the new technology is easier to make it on a computer.  I would have to mention many good artists from past decades until now,  Albert Whitlock came to my mind right now.


Artienne: You made great albums-covers for bands like Graveland, Myrkur, Melankolia, Verminaard, Ironwood, Poltergeist,Dream Ocean, Haegen, Doom of Valyria. How long does it take you to do this type of the cover ? Did you decide on choosing a theme or another artist asks you to paint his vision.

Silvanna: Thank you, some of them are artworks for a single, it depends of what the band needs, usually they come with an idea and together we developed that vision, we see what can and can not do.

A cover with many details  takes a lot of time, it can be weeks, months, years 🙂 , just kidding.



Artienne: Do you like to work with clay and wood? I think you had one unfinished project called “Sculptured Face and also you made some amulets like Mjolnir?

Silvana: I like very much, beside an illustrator I’m are artisan, I have many stuff I’ve never shown on social media pages,  I sell part of my crafts in my country, Chile.
I like to make sculptures, oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry, pottery, etc. I’m always looking for something new to do.


Artienne: What do you think about artists such Freya Aswynn or Andrea Haugen?

Silvana: I know them but there is not much I can say, I usually don’t talk about other artist works.


Artienne: In your offer there are canvas, pillows, Wall tapestries,bags, mugs with your graphics, painting? How popular are your products? Can you say more about it?

Silvana: All are made by a company that is the one that creates all those products, I  only have to upload my illustrations and they do the rest. There are many other illustrators who prefer this way to sell their works. My products are not so popular because I’m a bit lazy with the promotion of my own stuff…. I admit it , but anyway they are well sold. and that’s good to me.


Artienne: Could you please share a few words about your latest video you made with your Artwork.


Silvana: It’s the only one video I made for promotion last year 2015, I thought it could be a good way to show my work. This video is featuring Arath’s music, from one of the best album I’ve heard, they were so kindly to allow me to use one of their songs.
I’m thinking to make a new video probably next year.


Artienne: How do you envision death and what do you believe happens to our souls?

Silvana: To be honest, It’s not something I think about much.


 Artienne: Any plans for the future? Any closing thoughts to share?


Silvana: I have a lot of projects in mind, but I will need more time to plan everything what I want to do, sculpture and jewelry maybe in the next future, I don’t know yet.

Finally say,  to all who want to start as an illustrator or any other artistic expression and feel frustration at first… perseverance passion and lot of practice, then you will see the good results.









Artists of The 3D World part V

3d world, Artist Illustrator, Music, My Artwork, video

Another great video “Artists of the 3D World part V” which made Mike Albert from Griffox Entertainment. You can find there my illustration: “Autumn Collage”, “Purple Rain”, “Autumn Equinox Meditation”, “Mystic Dream” ” My first Nebulae Frontier ” and fantastic stuff from other very talented artists like Luc Nelson Russ Timothy Lee Vanda Wendy Yanira !!!!


Action by Steve Coops

3d world, Artist Illustrator, My Artwork, Vendor


Steve Coops: I originally started in 3D with Poser 4 a long time ago. I stuck with Poser until Daz 3d managed to get their “Studio” program stable and since then I stayed with their 3D renderer. I have dabbled in creating 3D meshes in 3DS max but most of the time what I create is a means to an end and where possible I tend to buy what I need in terms of textures and meshes.


Though I have ventured into several genre’s mainly in the Sci-Fi fantasy bracket almost all my work is connected with my Atlantica 2200 project, an alternative Earth Super Hero series. Originally I planned on creating renders of more mainstream characters such as Marvel’s X-men with the intention of writing some fan fiction.

However, I was always dealing with the hardcore fans who often took critique to ridiculous levels such as five people having an argument over whether I did Thor’s eyebrows the correct color.


This was when I decided to create my own “world” and Atlantica 2200 was “born”. This had the added advantage in that since everything is my idea it cannot be wrong.


Since I write the superhero fiction as well for A2200 I find that the written work can inspire the art and vice versa. Often I write and see everything as a series of “movie scenes” rather like a director and sometimes it is these memories I then choose to create in 3D rendered form.
The finished work usually gets tweaked in photoshop and I have to credit Ron Deviney for his excellent art brushes for which some of my best work would not be possible. Whilst I often do standard portrait renders for my character background stories not much is involved other than a quick scene set up and render. However if I specifically set out to do a “scene” inspired from my writing it usually has to be either moody or action.


Jade on the Warpath (in 3d)

To view this picture properly you will need some Cyan/Magenta 3D “anaglyph” glasses. It was done entirely in Daz studio and a free program called Stereo Picture Maker.
The scene was set up and the background moved and wheels rotated so that Daz Studio would render a motion blur.

Not many people realize this is that any 3D program can be used to create a stereo image. All you need is to render it with two camera set a small distance apart on the horizontal axis. I’ve done several images like this over the years and usually I add to cameras to the scene and attach them to a null object. The null is used to provide the tilt and zoom. You should always realize that both cameras must remain parallel to each other. If they both actually point at your “subject” then the 3D effect will have some oddities. The other thing to remember is problems are created the closer a color is in the scene to the actual colors of the anaglyph. In this scene the brake unit was bright red so had to be changed.
With two cameras you in the scene you now render is twice to create a “left” image and a “right” image. These are them imported into the Stereo Picture Maker which produced the anaglyph image.


Spearhead Run

Spearhead is another of my CLEA teams and I wanted to show them in training as opposed to a “standard” group image. For this one I had started experimenting with the fact Daz Studio can export png format files which preserve the transparency.
After setting up the entire scene I hid the foreground objects and rendered it. The background and wheels were moving so that Daz Studio could create the motion blur.

I then rendered the scene with the same lighting but only the foreground elements. This produced a transparent background.

In Photoshop I took the background image and using some of Ron Deviney’s “dirt” brushes I added the sand kicked by the wheels. The flames trail from the flying character (Solar) was hand painted in Photoshop using normal brushes and several layers.
Lastly the foreground elements were brought in and given lots of blur to make it appear out of focus creating a false depth of field effect I’ve used since in other renders.

Pirate Takedown.jpg

Pirate Takedown

In A2200 there are several human/animal hybrids (an excuse I suppose to use fantasy archetypes in Sci-Fi.) On one of the official law enforcement agencies known as CLEA one team has a pair of human/fish hybrids.
The idea for this scene came about when I was thinking about how a maritime strike team might retake a shop taken over by pirates in a stealth type attack. I liked the idea of the hybrid propelling herself with such velocity under water that she could leap up and grab hold of a target and bring him down into the water.

Having an idea was one thing but pulling it off was another!

The characters, boat and everything was rendered in Daz Studio and looked very static but once in photoshop I used some of Ron Deviney’s Brushes to radically alter the image resulting in the dynamic explosion out of the water.



This is one of my portrait renders and one where most of the actual work was done in Photoshop. Unlike my usual portrait renders this was a lot more involved than normal, featuring Spectre, a vehicular lifeform which is rather like a hologram linked to a car. I rendered the actual scene three times.

The first one was complete, the second one was the car and street and the third one was just the character. In Photoshop car and street became the background, and the full render the upper layer. The character render was then used as a mask so that I could fade out the legs to the background layer thus giving the ghostly see through effect at the bottom. The same mask enabled be to add a glow around the character to create a hologram effect. Lastly some of Ron Deviney’s fog brushes were used for the smoky atmosphere and the light beams were also faked.


Thanks for your time,
Steve Coops aka Scoopey




Looking for Artists!!!

Artist Illustrator, Modeling 3d, Music, My Artwork


Hello to everyone!
Some people probably know me under the pseudo name Artienne or Valgerd Kossmann. I have decided to share my post because
I am looking for Artists, who would like to share their artwork on my blog Elestra. Long time ago I was “journalist”
who made interviews with many different kind of artists.
I would like to invite all people who make digital art, renders, some modeling, design, traditional painting, 3d, 2d, photographers, writers and musicians.
What is in my mind? I would like make some kind of article, where artists speak about their the best
artwork, renders, photos, digital painting, music. Only what you need to do is send your one, best render not bigger than 1920 X 1406 with description Title, information what is it,
which kind of message is there, influence, which tools, post-work you made.  This same about photographers and painters. If you are musician, you have to provide link to your web page.
You can write in English, German,Norwegian, Swedish, Danish(languages which I understand and I can translate your thoughts to English). Also you can add link to your web page where people can buy your product. All renders should have watermark or your nickname, other way I can do that for you 🙂
This is my email where you should send your stuff of course if you are interested valgerdkossmann@gmail.com




World of Jeffersson Ferreira

Artist Illustrator, Modeling 3d, Vendor


Jefferson Ferreira: I started with modeling in 2004 at Cinema 4D, in 2005 I acquired Bryce 4, I fell in love with 3D art.
I love creating scenes with forests, city, toon, characters and some clothes.
My working tools are Bryce 7.1 Pro, Hexagon, DAZ Studio, Poser, Ulead Photo Express and Corel Paint Shop Pro.
In my renders, I like to put what I feel in my soul for my art, I love what I do.
In 2009 I started creating commercial products for Bryce 5.5, from 2010 I started creating products for DAZ Studio.
I own commercial and free products at Renderosity.


The Warrior Elf
Estela, a warrior who crosses a huge forest in search of adventure.
It is the quest for freedom, for adventure, to go beyond its own limits.
My influence, I always liked action, adventure and fantasy, read the magazines a lot
Of Conan the Barbarian.
The tools I have used in this art are: DAZ Studio 4.9, Estela for G3F and Vic7,
Warrior Clothing for G3F and The Lost Forest 2, all created by me.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.



Living in nature
I wanted to show life in the forest with this work.
A gorilla in the middle of nature, I love seeing scenes of animals and forests,
I always watch programs on these subjects.
For this work I used my product The Lost Forest 2 Poser.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.


In this work I wanted to show the life of a solitary warrior who gets some time in his adventures
for contemplate the beauty of a fascinating place.
To create this scene I had the influence of a game that I liked very much in the late 90’s.
For this work I used my product Mystery place for DAZ Studio.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.


Flight between nature
I wanted to show my fascination for mountains and huge lakes.
I love nature and always try to represent it in my art.
For this work I used my product Mystery place for DAZ Studio.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signatu.


My creation for Bryce 7.1 Pro.
I love science fiction mixed with fantasy, this was my inspiration.
The effects of Sun Glow and HDR are created by me.
For this work I used my product Environments for Bryce 7 1 Pro and Invader Ship I Steampunk
for Poser.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.


Journey to the other planet
I wanted to portray a spaceship across the sky of inhospitable planet.
I love science fiction and this was my inspiration.
For this work I used my product Environments for Bryce 7 1 Pro.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.


Cold area
In this work I wanted to portray life in the cold.
My influence on this scene is that I love the cold even though it’s not too cold in my country.
For this work I used my Master Terrain 2 product for DAZ Studio.
For post work I used Ulead Photo Express 5 to adjust brightness, color and signature.








Robert Ruisinger- interview with German 3d Artist

Artist Illustrator


Robert Ruisinger is German 3d Artist who lives in Bavaria about 100km North of Munich. We know him from Daz Studio where he submit very interesting renders. He has little experience when it comes to some programs like: Photoshop, Bryce, Strata Studio Pro, Cinema 4d. He is inspired by paintings famous artist like Salvador Dali, Giger, Bosch and Ernst Fuchs. More information about him, you can find in interview 🙂

Artienne: What made you decide to devote your life 3D Art. What was the first impulse? Why did you choose Daz Studio instead Poser?


Robert: The first impulse of 3D where the first CGI effects in movies.

Not that I wanted to recreate such things, but it was the first Wow, what visually can be done with computers.

I played around with some kinds of 2D programs since I had my first computer.

I had a connection to Daz since they became the home of Bryce, which I used for a long time.

Two or three years ago I tried Daz Studio just for fun and I liked the handling. So I stayed with DS.

I still have Poser 10 installed, but I use it very seldom.

I played around with some kind of 2D programs since I had my first computer.


Artienne You said that you are self-taught and have no education when it comes to the graphics.  What were the main sources of training that you used? which kind of books can you recommend to start adventure with 3d? What knowledge is essential?

Robert: First, I started with simple tutorials on the internet. And the early programs came with this printed books as a user manual with much essential knowledge.

Nowadays you can find almost everything on the internet. A good source with some fine tutorials Shiba Shake’s http://thinkdrawart.com/ 

I think a good place for books end e-books is https://shop.3dtotal.com 

Learning how to use lights in your scenes is one of the most important things.


Artienne:  Autumn Sunrise, Sunrise 2 or Garden With A View- are the most interesting illustrations you have done. Is the earlier experience with the program Bryce, Strata Studio Pro or Cinema 4D was helpful during creating?

Robert: Yes, I think so. And the fact, that I love beautiful landscapes. 

Especially the  experience with Bryce as a Landscaping Program is still helpful for images like this and creating backgrounds or environments.


Artienne: Surrealism is not a movement. It is a latent state of mind perceivable through the powers of dream and nightmare.” One of your renders “Night Ride” reminded me a little bit about artwork of Salvador Dali. I don’t think here about style or technique but ideas and atmosphere. What you think about surrealism and how big influence has on your artwork? 

Robert: I love Dali and Max Ernst for example since I was very young.

Yes, ideas and atmosphere and the way of the manifestation of the unconscious mind is what I like most about Surrealism. 

That are the main influences of Surrealism for me. 


Artienne: When I saw your render ” Faunessa” I wondered if Ancient Greek and Roman mythology and art was inspiration for you to make render? 

Robert: Really? Not conscious, I had that nice new creature and I like that kind of pose. The environment came at the end.




Artienne: What 3d artists exerted the greatest influence on your work? You said that during the last year you learned a lot from other artists. Did you think to take care of designing and creating your own character using for example Maya, Zbrush or Sculptris?

Robert: When using Bryce, I tried to learn from the wonderful Angel Estevez. He’s got the perfect sense for creating atmospheric landscapes. I really love his art.

For the work with Daz Studio, I have to mention at the very first place Shiba Shake.

We were connected via Patreon, where you can support artists and as a reward the share tutorials and files.

Learning other views and ways of working can improve your skills very much.

Creating my own characters could be a step in the future, I find it very interesting. 

But this takes a lot of time and learning again.

So I first will practicing with the available characters.


Artienne:  What do you do when you are lack of inspiration? Do you have any ways to stimulate creativity? Which kind of movies and music do you like? 

Robert: Sometimes I rework old ideas with new abilities. Or I go out into nature and don’t think about 3D🙂

My taste in movies and TV Shows is very wide. In music, I like the hard and dark tones very much.

For example, I love a lot of Scandinavian Metal Bands.



Artienne:  I don’t think that art, if it’s isolated and specialized, can really create culture. It needs a cult. Can you agree with Ernest Fuchs? 

Robert: Hmm. I think it could create a sort of subculture, and from there it could grow a sort of cult🙂


Artienne:  Any plans for future?

Robert: Making better images and perhaps making my own music again.








Artists of the 3D World Part III

Artist Illustrator, Music

I would like to say thank you to Mike Albert from Griffox Entertainment for great video he made. You can find there my artwork like: Spirit Fairy Tale, Aurona, Autumn’s Treasures II and Among Flowers And Shadows. I really appreciate his help and support. There are many other images made by very talented artists like Beata Renderosity Petra Robinson, Nick Parent, Tiffanie Gray, Vicki Leversedge, Michael Morrow, John Moonan, Regina Littlefox LaGrone. I would like also ask all my friends to support  or share my post on your blog. I will be more than thankful for your help.

Source: Artists of the 3D World Part III

Interview with Angel Estevez

Artist Illustrator, Painting


What were the beginnings of your adventure with 3d graphics in Bryce and why it has become the biggest passion? You started work with graphic in 2001. Do you remember your first painting, or design?

When I bought my first PC in 1994 I installed Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop and started to have fun experimenting with family photos and some drawings, then one day searching the Internet on landscape painted in Photoshop
found an advertisement of the landscape in Bryce at the time I was very curious how a program could create 3D landscapes. Acquired Bryce 4 and found strange the interface seemed “very complicated”, I began to search for landscapes
with Bryce, were awesome but due to my inexperience landscapes I tried to create were horrible, but everything in life you need to persevere and not give up. I still have some images that I created and when I see I’m laughing so bad
they are. It’s been 15 years and continue with Bryce even though it is already outdated compared to other programs such as Vue, but do not care, like it anyway. Some artists have asked me why I did not start using the Vue but
I have no interest. I “rowing against the stream” if you know what I mean.



When I see your landscapes “Calm the river”, “tropical island”, “Along the river” I have the impression that you are inspired by Brazilian nature. …

No, I like tropical scenes, In my mind I see in tropical scenes something of mystery that I like, there is no relationship with Brazil.
When I saw some of Jurassic Park movies was thinking maybe I could try to create some similar scenea bit unlikely with the resources that Bryce offers. But try does not hurt anyone 🙂


 In your gallery we can find abstractions. Where do you get ideas? What is so special about that? What is most important for you when you are working with your digital painting? Harmony or ending result?
Some people believe that that abstraction is not art. What you think about it?

I have great pleasure in creating abstract ideas appear in many ways there is a formula; doing experiments, something that comes suddenly at random references to famous artists in this art, sometimes I’m creating a landscape
and stop to create an abstract that came in mind. I have several abstract that started and not finished yet, sometimes return them. Sometimes I have an idea directed to an abstract and determined as will creating the idea completely
changes and step to do this other abstract. I have sold various abstract for several purposes for people and companies, among the best known companies are Philco and course are used as illustration for advertising to sell its products.
The abstraction is enshrined in the art world with fascinating works such as Kandinsky, Miro, Pollock and many other great masters. Pollock has a frame, which is considered one of the 50 most important in the world.
Some people do not like abstract art but is simply a personal matter.
In my opinion it is more difficult create an expressive abstract that a beautiful landscape.

baia_dos_golfinhos.jpg Pablo Picasso once said that it took him long time  to “learn painting like a child”. Is a return to pure form is also important for you? What you think about art of Salvador Dali?

Certainly, we have the Naif Art where we observe a very interesting innocent concept that totally escapes the academic patterns.
Dal is in my opinion one of the rare geniuses of painting, his works are fascinating in every aspect and incredibly creative.
It seems that he saw the world in a different way “a dream world.” I read an article when he was already very ill and disillusioned by the doctors where he said that “the geniuses should never die”.


You are working in a field related to education. What do you mean? Is your education connected to art? You are a teacher of art or do you have only courses for young artists like for example Boris Vallejo with Julie Bell?
No, the company I work for is linked to education. It is a conglomeration of university schools, I am human resources manager. The art over there and deal with people. 🙂



Traditional painting is also your passion. What is the best part about working with oils?How do you choose the subject of your painting?
Traditional painting is just a curiosity I had to try to understand how to work with paints, most of my paintings I give gift for friends and family and also have pictures in decorating my apartment.
I have a preference to paint with acrylic because the oil is toxic and it takes much longer to dry, but in some paintings oil is more favorable.
The theme is in accordance with the inspiration when I’m going to paint or it is a style that someone asks me. I use paint when I’m a little bored in PC use.


How would you describe your art and present it influences other artists? Do you think that the traditional painting is threatened with extinction?
The influence of other artists and quite common consciously and unconsciously, is a living wheel. In my opinion another influence.
The traditional painting is part of our history and I believe that will never be extinguished in contemporânio world are showing other artistic expressions such as digital among others, but the traditional painting will always have its place.


 At which point the artist can say about himself that is a realized man? When you know that you should complete the work on your image?
I started in digital art as a simple hobby and I see that my work is recognized and accepted in various ways that it can be seen in various ways, including financially.
But for me remains a hobby that I love because it does not depend on the digital art financially; but it is good to join the business with pleasure. I would be happier if here in Brazil to digital was more widespread, it is far in relation to other countries.
When I know that the work is complete? That’s simple, I observe the scene and conclude that it is doing nothing more. It is an interesting result for me. Sometimes excess components in a scene can leave it polluted.


Any plans for future? Have you ever thought to make an e-book with your artwork?
I do not make plans, let happen. At the moment I see no interest with regard to making an e-book or something. My children (2) already spoke of something but I have no interest.
By invitation editors have some of my works exhibited in 4 art magazines. It may be that may one day do something, the future belongs to God.




Eleonora Stella-

Artist Illustrator


Valgerd: Hi Eleonora! Could you tell us about his first experiments associated with painting? When you discovered your talent?After seeing pictures of little-Eleanora with a brush in hand, I have the impression that your adventure with painting takes a very long time?

Eleonora: My first experience with drawing, as you supposed, was when I was very little. My mother used to bring home a lot of paper and I loved to try to draw my favorite fairy tale: The Sleeping Beauty. My parents used to give me a lot of inspiration because they gift me a lot of book of Fairy tales with beautiful illustrations. I wanted to do such kind of images. My fantasy has always been very stimulated and I loved to play alone, playing the roles of character of Fairy tales. My Mother brought me to some painting contest for kids, called “I Pipistrelli” ( That’s mean  ‘The Bats”) and The picture of me was taken there 😉

Drawing was the first thing that I learned.
Valgerd: What is the origin of the name felles? Why did you choose this name?. What does it matter to you?
Eleonora: Feles is a latin name that was used to describe cats or foxes. I choose this name some years ago because I’ve always been compared by my partner, Federico, to a Linx or to a wild cat and Feles was a good name because it reminds also my name and the beginning of surname. It’s important to me, it’s a sort of shamanic identification that Federico understood when we met at the beginning and at last I discover that he was right.
Valgerd: Where you are looking for inspiration? Is it Roman mythology, the Etruscan legacy or something completely different, more contemporary fantasy Art? How did you choose the subject of your painting?
Eleonora: Well, it depends. Surely I take inspiration from traditions of Italy,  Romans, Etruscans and Gouls off course but it’s all  interpreted by me. In particular I took inspiration by Mythology and  rituals. The Gods and Goddesses are picted as I can visualize them, as a result of my meditations and considerations in them.
I take inspiration also on Fairy Tales and all European mythological heritage. For example, in Nemus Dianae I have translated the legend of the Lake of Nemi. Anyway, If You want, I can explain the meaning of my works and you can tell me what my works tell you 😊
Valgerd: When I see your work beautiful watercolor artwork called Nemus Dianae , Goddess Frigg or Vespro II, I have the impression that you had to study painting, because you have a very good knowledge on the subject. Did you study painting? What is your main media?
Eleonora: Yes, I take art lessons very late in my life. Since I was a little child  I was self-taught. I wanted to attend an art high school when I was 14 years old but at least I prefered to attend a classical High school, where I studied latin and ancient greek. Beside I train in drawing by own. When I was graduated I wanted to Join an art school but I was not lucky, so I decided to took private art lessons from two artist of my town. They taught me the basics of academic drawing, the basics of oil and watercolors. Then, in a city near my home, was opened a school of illustration and I joined it. Then, last year I joined a private lesson of botanical watercolor.
I love pencil, red charcoal and also watercolor and inks. I also love to use…pens 😉
Valgerd: How looked the process of creating bilder called “Copertina Occ dal Coruv” ? What is the most important element for creating good composition?
Eleonora “L’Occ dàl Corùv” is the artwork that I made for the band of Federico, a pagan black metal band. The name means “The eye of The Raven” in our regional dialect which is a goul-roman italic language. Infacts, in Italian it would be “l’Occhio del Corvo”. The concept is quite complicated because there are two complementary illustrations and are both planned to be full of symbols. The technique is simple: dark and soft pencil and sepia watercolor. The mist and the Sun  are made of white oil pastel. The atmosphere and the castle are typical of our local places. The fog and the humid white sky on Summer are a trade mark of our former-swamp plan 😃
I think that the most important thing in composition is to balance the figures in  the space of the painting according to the ‘message’ of your work. You have to decide first what is the ‘heart’ of the painting and then you put the secondary elements according to the harmony of all. They have to value the principal element of the painting.
Valgerd: One of your paintings called Rex Nemorensis- Virbio Diana and Julius shows very interesting scene. For me, the symbolism of this message applies to sacred marriage between Earth and Heaven. I think you wanted show some kind of harmony and strong connection between God and Goddess, man and woman. Can you say more about your artwork, symbolism and meaning?
Eleonora: There are a lot of things to say about this. First of all, I’ve made this illustration for a Roman heathen calendar. It’s a homemade calendar made by me and other italian Amber Road’s members, so in this calendar we put what we consider important and also usefull for rituals and festivals.
‘Rex Nemorensis’ is the symbolic illustration dedicated to August month. August was, is, a month dedicated to the idea of kingship and Regality or the deep meaning of being a King.
August month was dedicated to some important Gods, Goddesses and Hereos as Hercules and Aeneas but the core of the month was dedicated to Diana, the Great Lady of animals, woods, forests. The Ides of August during the Republic and the Monarchy of Rome were linked to fullmoon (Kalendae, Nonae and Ides were originary linked to new Moon, half Moon and fullmoon, before the reform by Caius Iulius Caesar who reformed  the calendar from a lunar-solar one to a a solar one). The latin Diana, according to the roots of her name which was very closed to the indoeuropean -dyau as Iuppiter and Zeus, was a Goddess of light before being a Moon Goddess, so her connection with the Moon is given by light. The Moon gives light to the night and so does Diana, who is the light that illuminate the inner side of woods.
Diana of August Month is the Great Diana of Nemi, a little town near Rome, where there’s a lake surrounded by mounts and woods. The lake is almost round and  -that’s the most important thing!- is a former volcano. Because of his roundness is called ‘Speculum Dianae’, a latin title who means ‘Diana’s mirror’ (in italian: Specchio di Diana). This little, charming place, was very important to Rome, The Latins and other Italic folk who lived near it.
Diana of Nemi is a triple Goddess (-Diana, – Ecate, -Lucina)  also called in latin ‘Trivia’. She is not so different, in her core meaning, to Ianus, the most important God of Romans. Indeed Ianus was called ‘-Rex’ ( The latin word for ‘-King ‘) and as Diana his sacred place was outside the Romulean furrow. So they are both concerned as ‘outside’ Deities but essential for the City. Infact Diana and Ianus decide truly who can be King. Both Deities have Priest called ‘-Rex’: Rex Sacrorum for Ianus ( and Regina Sacrorum, the queen and wife of the priest),  Rex Nemorensis for Diana.  So Rex Nemorensis was the priest of Diana and lived in the sacred wood around the lake, where there was the temple of the Goddess. According to the sources, Rex Nemorensis could be replaced only by someone who was able to defeat and kill him in a duel. The legend tells that he could be attacked by a runaway slave.
In my illustration I wanted to pict the idea of Regality that is intrinsic in Rex Nemorensis:  the idea of king’s sacrifice, and the strong connection between the Regality and Destiny, Fatum, Wyrd. The King could be replaced by a slave and this fact reveal the role of Fatum/Destiny, because King is on top of the society and the slave is on the low part. Rex Nemorensis was also connected to the spirit of the wood – for this reason was called ‘Virbio’ ( in latin is connected to -vir =man, -vis = force, -robur = oak). Virbio shows the cycle birth-life-death-rebirth of all Nature, which is ruled by Diana.
So Diana is an outcast Goddess but she decide, with Ianus, who can achieve the crown. They are both Deities of Regality.
If you compare all that to the celtic interpretation of sacred calendar, you can find that August is Lughnasad’s month. Lugh/Lugos rules this festival which is so deep connected to the idea of Regality.
August takes his name from Emperor Augustus, the man who saved Rome from the bloody civil war and late Republic’s decadence.
‘Augustus’ was a sacred archaic name which come from the verb ‘Augeo’ which means ‘to grow’. Anyway ‘augeo’ wasn’t related to a simple idea of growing but was strictly connected to ‘greatness’. In fact is a word used in Religion and means that the greatness, the growing, the force come from Gods. From the same root of ‘augeo’ come words as ‘augur’ (the person who look at the flying birds to taking omens), ‘auctoritas’ ( authority, strictly linked to The Regality
) etc…
The archaic King, as Romulus, was a priest-King who was elected by the Augur’s omen…Romulus takes omen by himself, so he is a priest-King, better called Augur-King (Augur Rex) and Augustus is a sort of Augur-King because every emperor was a Pontifex Maximus ( Augustus is a sort of Augur-Rex even If he avoids to call himself ‘Rex’).
August month is for those reasons a pure mirror of those archetypes as Nemi’s lake is The Diana’s mirror.
You know that Emperor Augustus was seen as an avatar of Lugh by the Celts! The Circle is closed 🙂


Valgerd: Long time ago you put on your profiles on Facebook pictures of Vittoria Colonna. Is it for you some kind of ideal of feminine?
 Eleonora : Yes. Vittoria Colonna was a Renassence noble woman related to the aristocratic ancient family of the Colonna. She was a cultivated and sensitive poet and she was very closed to Michelangelo who considered her as a sort of Goddesses. Infacts he dedicated a painting to her with the name ‘Diva’. In latin Diva and Divus where a synonymous od Dea or Dio, which meaning is ‘Goddess’ and ‘God’. Unfortunately, today ‘Diva’ in modern italian language is a synonymous of a vamp!
Another point that make me look to Vittoria z Colonna is that her family is symbolically important for Roman pagan heritage: The Colonna were one of the few noble family who had really roots in Roman Patritiate. Some of members of The Colonna family were famous for important things related to Roman Pagan heritage: one of them discover the ancient temple of the Goddess Fortuna Primigenia under his palace in Palestrina (a mountain town near Rome); beside, Francesco Colonna wrote the beautiful and fully pagan romance ‘Hypnerotomachia Poliphili’. The title was in ancient greek and means ‘The love war in sleep of the love of Polia’. Check out If you want: this Renassence romance has very beautiful illustrations 😉 and it’s full of ancient pagan Symbols, very explicit. All is allegoric and is dedicated to Goddess Venus.
Valgerd: You have a very strong voice Eleonora. Today I saw the video, which you were dedicated  for group called Arch Enemy. You reminded me the time when I liked to listen to old tracks Nuclear Death,Crisis, Cadaveria or Sinister…Do you still are fascinated by death metal?
Eleonora: Yes I like Death Metal. I like the melodic Death Metal as the Swedish Death Metal, as first In-Flames, The Red in the Sky is ours, Dark Tranquillity…offcourse I like Arch Enemy 😀.
I like also Death and Morbid Angel as Death Metal. But I have to confess that my favorite is..  Trash Metal of eighties and NWOBHM! I love Slayers and Metallica and then I love first Black Metal! Metal for me is a sort “European white men blues”, full of Symbols and rage linked to us, as Europeans!
Valgerd: How do you assess the contemporary heathendom and the people associated with this circle? Many of them are sometimes ashamed of their roots, create their own myths and stories about their ancestors. Some of them, they are joined to the ethnic multicultural projects simultaneously speaking about their nationalism. How we can explain these complexes and the tendency to resort toward fantasy? 
Eleonora: Well in Italy there’s a big confusion and two factions actually. There a lot of People who join The eclettical wicca neo-paganism and they seems to accept multiculturalism and The refuse a identitarian cult. Beside we have traditional pagans but there some problems even here. We have few Roman pagans who are afraid to ritualize and are succubi of Guenon and traditionalist books; we have also german pagans but They are ashamed to be italians and claim to be germans; some celtic pagans but they play The role of anti-roman. So we are in troubles 😝!
Anyway there’s not a lot of love for our root in my Country 😞
Valgerd: How do you evaluate the political situation of Italy? Do you have some sort of favorite fractions on the Italian political scene. Is it true that the left and right wing is very corrupt?
Eleonora: Now in Italy there’s a very critical situation. There are three years that we have a non elected government. Our Republic president has elected himself, alone and he decide also our governments that now are ruled by EU. We have also the problem that Italy is an American colony from the 1945. We have actually 113 USA base in our land and USA insert in our politics. They have punished who tried to be more independent from them, as Craxi in the eighties or Berlusconi for his foreign political choices (his friendship with Vladimir Putin and Gheddafi upon all). Now we have only corrupted people who has sold us to so many financial foreign powers and they are doing nothing to hide this shame. Beside, Lega North is changing and is making good purposes, first against mass immigration and against criminal politic of EU! Infacts now the government has put a fleet that bring here North-Africa immigration from Mediterranean sea. The government has abolished the crime of illegal immigration in Italy! This is madness!
So I’m going to support the new Lega Nord, beside I’m a member of Generazione Identitaria, The italian division of Generation Identitaire in France.
Valgerd: How looked in Italy the cult of the dead ancestors and what elements of the cult survived to this day in your region? The Etruscan culture had a huge impact on the Ancient Romans. You are also affiliated with reenactment groups. Can you say something more on this topic?.
Eleonora:  In Italy there are a lot of remains: in the historical sources (archeological and written sources) and folklore. In our Region has survived mainly sorcery practice and folkways, but only old people are keeping that. A lot of remains were forgotten after The Second World War, because of the civil war inside Italy and then because of Economic Boom of the sixties. In the sixties our culture was americanized by media and television. Anyway, according to C.Godfrey Leland,  there was, since  ancient times to the last century, a strong Etruscan remains in my region: for example we had the cult of Lasii instead of ancient Lares in our countryside.
It’s very interesting that in the South of Italy there’s a dance who is derived from a Dyonisiac ritual dances: Taranta and Pizzica.
Yes, Etruscan religion was the basic of Roman cult, you can see it since the foundation of the city, where Romulus takes omens with an etruscan  ritual and also when he made the chase and so on. Even the foundation ritual of a city, with specific practice and orientation was typical of Villanova and Etruscan people. In Italy the main ancient city as Bologna/Felsina, Rome. Modena/Mutina ecc..were founded with this ritual.
Yes, re-enactment has helped us especially in discover many important things and places of our land. We use re-enactment to explain to people our ancient way of life and religion.
Valgerd: How about your future plans and dreams?
Eleonora: Well, now I have several purposes and dreams: first I want to check deep in my Tradition and create a strong bases to awake our ancient spirit and practices. I want to have a baby and could give him/ her a good education, even in the religious point of view. Family is very important for traditional cult. I want to fight also in the political way for my land and for our heritage. And we can do it also taking care of our Genii Locii, the Spirits of the Places, who are waiting to be cared again and to revitalize places. I want to get better with painting, I have to be more abiding with it! And then, I want to finish my little Fanfiction about Rome that I’m writing ahaha 😃
A big hug!
I hope to meet you soon!
Valgerd: Thank you very much for brilliant talk. I really appreciate, that you devoted us your time. Big Hugs for you and Federico. Please make special ritual, asking Dianae and Iulius to help us to come to Italy 🙂 I hope one day we will visit you and Federico