Dark Theme by Eric Fanta


My art style is dark. Darkness, from the beginning, contains so much mystery.


Laveen, United States of America, small town, where lives very interesting 3D Artist Eric Fanta, who started two month ago works for Sympatico Studio… Who studied Art in Chicago…

Artienne: Who is Eric Fanta? Is this your real name? You told me about your Cuban and Puerto Rican roots, but I’m interested  in what you were doing before you went to college for art? I did not find anything about your earlier activity, so I ask. I wonder what kind of project(s) you were involved in?

Eric Fanta: Well my name is Eric Fantauzzie, but the last name is too long so I shortened it to Fanta. It is nicer and easy to remember lol. Before I went to college, back in Puerto Rico, I spent my time doing air brushing on surf boards. It was big at the time. From there someone gave me a chance to work in his store air brushing shirts and jackets.


Artienne: Why did you choose an art school in Chicago? You come from NYC … Many artists living in this area are more interested in street graffiti. What do you think about this kind of art? Did the architecture of New York, in general, influence your work? I ask about it because I saw some of your renders like: “Miss punishment”, “METAL AND SOUL”, ” K .Medusa”, and “Punisher 3036”. In the case of these images, you use a backdrop with modern buildings.

Eric Fanta: My big sister decided to move to Chicago, so I tagged along, and she was the one who told me to do something with my talent. So that is how I chose the art school in Chicago. Yes NYC is known for the street and subway graffiti. What I think about graffiti, in my opinion, if it is done in the  right way, it is awesome. It is another form of expression, just like abstract painting. You’ve got to look for the meaning. Yes, the architecture of NYC has been a big influence in my work. Those streets have more than a million stories lol .


 Artienne: You  wrote me that op.cit “Art runs in your family. They are more local than international.” What did you mean? Are you from a family of artists, people who like to be creative? Do you have support from them? How do members of your family react to your interests and renders?

Eric Fanta: well my mom and grad mother used to design clothes for carnival every year. In Puerto Rico, my dad was a  musician in a band. And my two sister, well, they followed in my mom’s footsteps.


Artienne: How are you working on your pictures? How do you do rendering and post work?  Do you render figures with a background, or put it in later? I noticed you have a lot of knowledge about photo-manipulation and you use very interesting techniques. 


Eric Fanta: All my renders are made first in Daz Studio. Afterwards I take the image to this magical program called Photoshop, and that’s when I do my magic. All of the light FX and backdrops are done in Photoshop. Photoshop was my first software program, so I spent a lot of time learning it. Then, I take all of these images and start photo-manipulating them for a while. And then one thing leads to another.  


Artienne: I read that you have experience with Modo. Tell us about your experience with this program. Is this software comparable to Zbrush? 

Eric Fanta: Modo is an awesome software, and yes it is similar to Zbrush but easy. I use Modo for basic modeling.


Artienne: Could you tell me about your private project related to animation and mini-movies. What do you have in mind? What programs do you use when it comes to animations? What do you think about the Cinema 4d program? 

Eric Fanta: About my private projects, which I have been working on for the last two years… There are two of them. One is a web comic and the other is a short 3d animation. The goal is to show artists that no matter how difficult it may be, we can still achieve all of your dreams no matter if it takes a lot of time, even years. We will get there. What I think about Cinema 4d is that it’s an awesome and easy software program. That is the one I use to do all of my animations. 


Artienne: How would you describe your style to someone who has never seen your work before? Do you have some ways to stimulate your creativity?

Eric Fanta:My art style is dark. Darkness, from the beginning, contains so much mystery. It is good when you can develop an image from dark to light. LIFE itself is my stimulation.


Artienne: How did you start to work with Sympatico Studio? I saw your pictures on their site so I ask. Can you see your future as a promo artist?

Eric Fanta: I was approached by Sympatico Studio about 2 months ago, and they asked me if I wanted to do some work for them. My  answer was yes it will be a honor. Whether I see myself in the future as a promo artist is a good question. I guess the simple answer is, let’s see how far the road will take me.


Artienne: What do you think about the works of Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo or Carlos Quevedo? Have you thought about digital painting?

Eric Fanta: What I think about Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo and Carlos Quevedo… My opinion is they are pioneers, they are masters, and they are far out awesome. Every artist should get inspired by their work. I only dream to be one of them lol lol. 


Artienne: Have you thought about digital painting? What plans for the future?

Eric Fanta: My plans for the future is to make my mark, so other artists can follow and make theirs…



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