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For the strength of the Pack is the wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack


Today we will visit North Germany where lives fantastic 3D Artist Sonja Fischer, who create lovely renders with animals and fairies…

Artienne: Hello Sonja! I’ve always wondered who Shozai is … Where did your nickname come from and why did you choose that name? Your name reminds me personally of Japanese culture and means in your language “Auftenthaltsort”. But the genesis of your name may be different so please point me in the right direction 🙂


Shozai: I was looking for a cool name for an online character in Everquest II. So I looked on the Internet and found this name. It sounded very nice to me and I choose it 🙂 That’s all 🙂 I didn’t know what it meant in my language until now. My character in Everquest was very great, a Druid elf girl. I always played in a special wolf transformation, so many other players didn’t even know what my character looked like when not running on four paws. 😀

Artienne: What attracted you to the 3d graphics world. What did you do earlier? Did you have experience with Photoshop and graphic design? Why did you choose Poser?


Shozai: I am a big Fan of Pen & Paper, Pathfinder and D&D. There was a time when I wanted to make my own character image. So I started to research how I could do this and found two graphic software programs, Poser Pro and DAZ Studio.  I choose Poser mainly because  I thought, a program which has to be paid for would be better supported 🙂 Before I found this great hobby, I was reading much more, mostly fantasy novels. I played games like Everquest II, Diablo I & II, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars Online, Elder Scrolls, Anno 1404 and many more. I had nothing to do with graphic design.

AFArtienne: Some time ago I found your old profile on Deviant Art. There are dozens of pictures showing different figures like a wolf, an angel, a sorceress,  vampires and fairies. Was that your first step with Poser? What was your goal at that time? Many Artists sold their work there? Do you also? What is your opinion on Deviant Art? Why can’t we find your latest work there?


Shozai: I searched for a place to put my pictures online and found Deviant Art. I thought it would be a great idea to create an account, but after a while I regretted my decision. Someone blamed me for not replying to his commentary. I wasn’t on the site daily, and my answers were coming too late, I think. I am happy now with my galleries at DAZ3D and Renderosity. The people there are really nice, I love the commentary they give my pictures, and they don’t blame me if I forget to say something, or if I don’t reply on a daily basis 🙂


I wanted to make a figurine-series with my Poser character. It was a great way to learn, and I had something I could look at. I am not selling any of my work. People who are interested in my art can have it. 🙂


Your question about Deviant Art reminds me to delete the account 🙂 Thank you, I completely forgot it.

TBArtienne: In your work sometimes we can find delicate eroticism. Here I talk about the time you worked with Poser. The first thing that attracts the viewer to your work is good light, interesting composition, ideas and nice colors with good post work. Where did you learn all these things?  One of your pictures reminds me of the cover of the Ophtalamia Via Dolorosa. What was your inspiration at this time?


Shozai: You know I had to search what Ophtalamia Via Dolorosa is. 🙂 I must admit that I have other musical interests.  🙂  The Cover of Via Dolorosa I don’t know, but I can see elements I use like the butterflies and a nature girl.


Everything about composition and post work etc. I learned since 2012, as I started to work with Poser. In the beginning I didn’t do any postwork. After a while I wanted to make “eye-catching” images and started with postwork 🙂 I discovered a new world. And after I discovered what people do with “just” Photoshop, I was breathless. I knew I would never reach this perfection, but I knew what I wanted for my pictures now and started to learn.

attention_fullArtienne: You made some time ago a very interesting render of Ella … Is this your self-portrait? What is her history? I noticed you often use it as a thumbnail on your profiles.


Shozai: My portrait of Ella. It was, for me, one of my first pictures I really said, “oh wow, this looks great”. I loved the dreamy look, and I love her pose and her hair. Okay, I love everything about her 🙂 It is not a self-portrait 😉


Artienne: When did you discover Daz and why did you decided to work mainly with this program. Is this software better than Poser? What are the differences between these programs? Did you think about combining them ? Some artists do that, so I am just curious what you think about it?


Shozai: In 2015 I gave DAZ Studio a try. My one and only reason why was: Alessandro’s animals.


My experiences with Poser gave me an easy start, and I was really, really happy when I made my first picture with an animal by Alessandro with this wonderful fur. I saw, that DAZ Studio has much more options for me than Poser. And when IRAY came out, it felt like I was in heaven. Now I had everything I longed for.

Poser is a good program, DAZ Studio is better suited for me and my artistic focus. It is just like a bicycle against a motorcycle. IRAY made a huge difference. Superfly was a big disappointment for me.

Poser has a very good dynamic clothing option, DAZ Studio has not. I’m just waiting until DAZ Studio might have it too. I know that some artists combine them, especially the dynamic option. It is great that we can do this. More possibilities are always great.

 Artienne:  I have noticed that since you started working with the Daz program, you are doing a lot of renders with animals, especially designed by Alessandro. Why? In my opinion you have to be a very warm person, who loves animals. I’m sure the big inspiration for you are  videos with animals and nature.  Do you have any pets? Who is Ciara?  I remember your beautiful render with the fantastic blue Twil’ek… but lately I see you prefer to make more  fantasy images with sweet dragons, fairies and animals of the forest rather than action sci-fi renders. Why?


Shozai: I was ALWAYS looking at Alessandro’s animals. I wanted to work with them so badly, and as I started with DAZ Studio, his animals wandered one by one into my DAZ Library 🙂 After a while I wrote him, how great his animals are and if he ever needs a person to help him with promotional pictures, I would be there 🙂

He answered me and we started a collaboration, which was a lot of fun and led to a tender friendship. We know something about each other, especially our love for animals. Those and our nature in general, are the jewels of  the Earth and we have to save and nurse them. He thinks the same. I love the person he is and I am happy I got to know him.


Ciara is my little Maltese girl. A special dog breed. 🙂 She is my beautiful baby. A baby with small demon horns and angel wings, I can tell you 😀 She has the strongest character I ever experienced in a dog. 🙂 I love my furry girl. And we have a canary named Filou 🙂 A beautiful and smart guy, though a little shy.


I posted a picture of Ciara. You can see it here: Ciara


Until now, I haven’t found a “Shozai-Style” which everyone can easily recognize when looking at my pictures. I have a wide range of things I want to do. Mostly animals and Fantasy, a bit of Horror and Sci-Fi, and sometimes I want to show my girls with her dessous 🙂 And sometimes a current contest will inspire me and influence what type of picture I want to do. Any ideas I have that I do not use immediately, I write down so I don’t forget them 🙂


 Artienne: You made a very beautiful picture called Thoughts are Free … and I have a question: is the old German song called “Die Gedanken Sind Frei” inspiration for the title? You know this is an old song about freedom and some German bands like Hecate use the lyrics…


Shozai: I know the song but this was not my inspiration. I usually don’t listen to German music 😉 I prefer music in English. When I was young, a girl of maybe 15 years, I was often listening to two German songs: “Als Conny Kramer Starb”, a sad song which made me cry often, and “Nacht voll Schatten”, a wonderful piece.


Sometimes it is really hard to find a good title for your pictures. This one was easy. The girl, sitting on a rock, looking to the stars, thinking what might be up there. Even though you are chained to the earth, maybe something or someone is hurting you, but your mind can always send your thoughts out, no one can discourage you. You can cover and protect yourself with your fantasy.


Artienne: R.A. Salvatore and Terry Goodkind’s books are an important place in your heart. What attracted you to them? What do you think about the Forgotten Realms and The Demons Wars Saga?


These are two examples for very good writers. Forgotten Realms is pure fantasy. I love the mysteries of this world, the undiscovered wonders, sometimes just a whispered word in the wind that is reaching your ear.

I could tell you so many good books and writers. But I think, people know about them, if they love fantasy. 🙂 Richard Kirk, the saga about Raven, Imagica by Clive Barker and of course “The Sword of Truth” by Terry Goodkind.

 Artienne: Nightwish…. I was surprised when I read that you are a fan of this group, because so many people associated with Daz Studio have a completely different taste of music than me. Do you like Old Nightwish with Tarja, Anette Olzon or their current female singer, who was previously singing in After Forever? Are you a fan of gothic metal, rock?


I love the sound of most of the songs from Nightwish. Something must touch my music-soul, otherwise I don’t like it. I don’t like everything from Nightwish too. But most of it 🙂 I love how Tarja sings. I have her single CDs too. The other girls are different. I like some of their songs too, like Amaranth, but I must admit that I don’t have the newest music from them yet..


I have a big selection of what I like. I just can’t say I love only this style of music 🙂 An Example: I really love “Sing to Me” by Alan Walker. I heard it, looked up and said “What is this song? I need it” 🙂 The other songs from him are nothing for me.


Floor Jansen is good, but she’s not as charismatic like Tarja 🙂


Artienne: My last question … How about your plans for the future?


Shozai: I have no plans. I am a daydreamer 🙂 I want my furbaby next to me, a good life for my boyfriend and me with fun together and alone, and I want to stay healthy which is a wish I have for all I like and love, too.

And maybe, sometime, to meet Alessandro 😀



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