Dark Fantasy Illustrator – interview with Silvana Massa.

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Silvana Massa is fantastic Dark Fantasy illustrator from Chile. She made great album covers for
bands like Graveland, Myrkur, Melankolia, Verminaard, Ironwood, Poltergeist,Dream Ocean, Haegen, Doom of Valyria and many others. I like her dark vision and admire her desire for making different kind of art. She is doing photography, wood crafting, oil, acrylic and digital paintings etc.

Artienne: You define your art-work as Dark Fantasy, Pagan Art. What has the greatest impact on your creativity? Metal Music, nature or pagan beliefs?

Silvana: Nature definitely is one of my biggest inspirations , also metal music… music in general, does not necessarily have to be always metal, I like to draw with some nice background music, it can be classical music as well. It depends a bit of what I have to paint.

Another big inspiration are movies and books.


Artienne: You wrote under one of your picture that “you are obsessed with Forest”I have to admit, your pictures, photo manipulation and painting often shows a forest with a very dark texture. What programs do you use for photo-manipulation and editing? Do you use also Photoshop brushes for digital painting?

Silvana: I love forest, mountains and their special energy.
I use Photoshop for photo manipulations and digital paintings, sometimes I work with PaintStorm Studio which is a very nice software. I like to create my own brushes, filters, textures, also we can find many great
graphic resources on internet.


Saltus Obscurus.jpg

Artienne: One of your paintings has title “ You are not alone” and you said that it is very special to you. Why this picture is very important to you? Which kind of message is there?

Silvana: That’s a bit personal 😉 it’s related to someone very important to me.


Artienne: Can you tell us more about technique matte paintings which you sometimes used? Do you have any favorite artists who inspire you?

Silvana: Matte painting is an old visual technique where artists had to paint outstanding background to create the perfect environment for films, now with the new technology is easier to make it on a computer.  I would have to mention many good artists from past decades until now,  Albert Whitlock came to my mind right now.


Artienne: You made great albums-covers for bands like Graveland, Myrkur, Melankolia, Verminaard, Ironwood, Poltergeist,Dream Ocean, Haegen, Doom of Valyria. How long does it take you to do this type of the cover ? Did you decide on choosing a theme or another artist asks you to paint his vision.

Silvanna: Thank you, some of them are artworks for a single, it depends of what the band needs, usually they come with an idea and together we developed that vision, we see what can and can not do.

A cover with many details  takes a lot of time, it can be weeks, months, years 🙂 , just kidding.



Artienne: Do you like to work with clay and wood? I think you had one unfinished project called “Sculptured Face and also you made some amulets like Mjolnir?

Silvana: I like very much, beside an illustrator I’m are artisan, I have many stuff I’ve never shown on social media pages,  I sell part of my crafts in my country, Chile.
I like to make sculptures, oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry, pottery, etc. I’m always looking for something new to do.


Artienne: What do you think about artists such Freya Aswynn or Andrea Haugen?

Silvana: I know them but there is not much I can say, I usually don’t talk about other artist works.


Artienne: In your offer there are canvas, pillows, Wall tapestries,bags, mugs with your graphics, painting? How popular are your products? Can you say more about it?

Silvana: All are made by a company that is the one that creates all those products, I  only have to upload my illustrations and they do the rest. There are many other illustrators who prefer this way to sell their works. My products are not so popular because I’m a bit lazy with the promotion of my own stuff…. I admit it , but anyway they are well sold. and that’s good to me.


Artienne: Could you please share a few words about your latest video you made with your Artwork.


Silvana: It’s the only one video I made for promotion last year 2015, I thought it could be a good way to show my work. This video is featuring Arath’s music, from one of the best album I’ve heard, they were so kindly to allow me to use one of their songs.
I’m thinking to make a new video probably next year.


Artienne: How do you envision death and what do you believe happens to our souls?

Silvana: To be honest, It’s not something I think about much.


 Artienne: Any plans for the future? Any closing thoughts to share?


Silvana: I have a lot of projects in mind, but I will need more time to plan everything what I want to do, sculpture and jewelry maybe in the next future, I don’t know yet.

Finally say,  to all who want to start as an illustrator or any other artistic expression and feel frustration at first… perseverance passion and lot of practice, then you will see the good results.









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